Isotta G16 Underwater Housing for Canon G16 Camera Depth Rated to 330ft/100m Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing Dual O-ring Seals Interchangeable Ports One Hand Opening KnobIsotta, G16, Underwater, Housing, for, Canon, G16, Camera

Isotta G16 Underwater Housing for Canon G16 Camera

<ul> <li>Depth Rated to 330ft/100m</li> <li>Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing</li> <li>Dual O-ring Seals</li> <li>Interchangeable Ports</li></ul>

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Overview / Product Description

Isotta G16 Underwater Housing for Canon G16 Compact Camera

The housing for Canon Powershot G16 allows to capitalize on the camera full potential and to capture amazing pictures underwater.

An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained thanks to years of experience. Easy access to all key/main camera controls by means of clearly labeled laser-engraved longlasting buttons. An easy and quick release camera mounting plate allows the camera positioning; the back door has a large window for a fine camera display view and it is entirely detached from the front body to make easier the camera fitting.


It’s very fast to open and close the housing for Canon Powershot G16, without any efforts by the user thanks to the side helicoid screw and the bottom centered pins; the camera is placed easily into the housing on a sliding tray that keeps the camera robustly in place. A lever locks the tray safely inside the housing. The housing stands with great stability due to sturdy and wide rubber feet located on the bottom.


The front portholes are built with high-quality standards of materials to ensure a perfect image quality. The removable flat port is fitted thanks to markers and a bayonet connection to the Canon Powershot G16 housing. An M67 threaded end allows the use of additional wide angle lens and macro lens. For extreme additional wide angle lens, a shorter porthole is available.


The Canon Powershot G16 own strobe can be used fitting an outside diffuser on the porthole. For better performance with wide-angle lenses, one or two external strobes can be connected by optic fiber bushing.


Only the best materials are used to manufacture our housings such as anodized aluminum which is anticorodal and thermo-coated. A longlasting product that requires easy and simple maintenance by the user. So small and so rich in technology! Dual high precision and quality O-ring seal protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight for all movable and/or removable parts; a red alarm for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the user. Working depth is 100 meters. A hole positioned on the bottom allows securing the housing for Canon Powershot G16 with a strap. Different accessories can be fitted by means of an upper sliding tray and double threaded M6 holes and one 1/4W on the bottom.


  • ON/OFF of Canon PowerShot G16
  • Own camera strobe open/close
  • Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter button for an easy use with gloves
  • Shutter speed priority
  • Lens aperture

What's included

  • Housing
  • Lens cap
  • Replacement O-Ring Kit
  • Silicone Grease 10gr
  • Strobe diffuser
  • Optic fiber adaptor
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

Technical data

  • 100 meters depth rating
  • All Canon Powershot G16 key controls
  • Easy one hand open/close
  • Moisture alarm
  • Electrical bulkhead to use an external strobe
  • Double high-quality O-Ring seals
  • Weight: 770 gr
  • Dimensions: 110 L. x 140 P. x 110 A.

Spare parts

  • AS836 - Set O-Ring Canon Powershot G15/G16
  • AS736 - M67 screw lens adaptor for G15/G16
  • AS882 - Shutter Trigger Extension for Index Finger
  • AS883 - Shutter Trigger Extension for Thumb Finger
  • AS733 - Dual Fiber Optic Cable Adaptor
  • AS021 - Nikonos bulkhead cover
  • AS833 - Round diffuser
  • AS006 - M67 Cover
  • AS046 - Tray with double handles