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40 | 2018-11-04T00:00-08:00

Sea Of Cortez - Backpacker Style Adventure - November 4-11, 2018

Imagine coming face to face with California sea lion pups, whale sharks, and mobula rays all in the matter of one week! Now imagine, camping under the stars and exploring one of the Baja Peninsula’s m...

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39 | 2018-11-24T00:00-08:00

Lightroom Total Immersion Workshop - Intermediate/Advanced - November 24th – December 8th, 2018

This 7-day total immersion workshop is the perfect combination of fantastic diving and expert Lightroom training. You'll learn how to apply Erin's simple step-by-step workflow and image edit...

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38 | 2019-01-19T00:00-07:00

Wide Angle Underwater Photography Boot Camp – Little Cayman – January 19-26 & January 26-February 2, 2019

Wide angle photography is one of the more difficult techniques to master underwater. Our simple approach demystifies what can be an intimidating skill to learn. Both in the classroom and underwater, o...

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37 | 2019-02-02T00:00-08:00

Truk Lagoon - Blue Lagoon Resort - February 2-16, 2019

Join Backscatter’s Berkley White & Becca Boring with seasoned wreck diver and underwater photographer Mike Boring on an exhilarating photo expedition to the most iconic wreck diving destination in...

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36 | 2019-03-25T00:00-07:00

Raja Ampat / Triton Bay, Indonesia – Dive Damai II - March 25 – April 6, & April 7-19, 2019

Join Berkley White and Erin Quigley on two special trips to Raja Ampat and Triton Bay on board the luxury live-aboard boat Dive Damai II. These trips will cover a large area offering a stunning variet...

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35 | 2019-04-08T00:00-07:00

Macro Underwater Photography Workshop - Crystal Blue Resort – Anilao Philippines – April 8-18th, 2019

Improve your macro underwater photography skills with Photo Pro Mike Bartick at Crystal Blue Dive Resort in Anilao Philippines. With its healthy reefs and incredible diversity of marine life, Anilao h...

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31 | 2018-06-09T00:00-07:00

Join Us At the 2019 Digital Shootout in Little Cayman - June 15-29, 2019

The Digital Shootout is an underwater photography/videography vacation designed to take the shooter in the group to the next level. If you’re a new or an intermediate shooter, the Digital Shootout is ...

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30 | 2019-07-08T00:00-08:00

Cocos Island, Costa Rica - Sea Hunter - July 8 - 19, 2019

We're thrilled to return to the famous island of sharks this year. Cocos is one of the most beautiful remote islands in the world and is home to some of the most action-packed diving on the plan...

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13 | 2019-09-21T00:00-07:00

Tulamben, Bali – Alam Batu Sep 21 – Oct 1, 2019

Tucked away on Bali’s quiet northeast coast, Alam Batu Beach Bungalow Resort is the Indonesian island’s premier diving destination. Join Erin Quigley and Backscatter CEO Jim Decker for 10 days of phot...

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11 | 2019-11-21T00:00-07:00

Banda Sea – Forgotten Islands, Indonesia – Pindito Nov 22 – Dec 6, 2019

Join Berkley White and Erin Quigley on a very special trip crossing the Banda Sea aboard Pindito, with one of the most diverse itineraries in all of Indonesia. Located between Raja Ampat to the north ...

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10 | 2019-12-07T00:00-07:00

Komodo in December – Pindito Dec 7-19, 2019

Join Berkley White and Erin Quigley on a very special trip to Komodo in December aboard Pindito. In our experience, this is the very best time of year to dive Komodo.

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2 | 2020-11-07T00:00-07:00

Fiji – Nai’a - November 7-14 & November 14-24, 2020

Ron Watkins will lead an underwater photo expedition to Fiji aboard the Nai'a. November 7-14 & November 14-24, 2020. Details coming soon.

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1 | 2017-03-17T00:00-07:00

Backscatter US Tour Dates

Gear and Seminars in a Town Near You! Backscatter is hitting the road in 2018 and offering underwater photography seminars and equipment displays all across the US. Check out our schedule to find an ...

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