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Your Top Olympus TG Questions Answered LIVE [Recorded Live] May 19 2020

Join Backscatter's Robin Dodd & Jim Decker as they answer your most popular and frequently asked questions about Olympus TG cameras in a live Q&A session. Check out all of our previous live streams here: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Backscatter-Live-Free-Underwater-Camera-Seminars Topic Time Codes
00:30 - Is the TG camera sufficient at macro without a macro lens?
05:53 - How do I set aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, & how does exposure compensation factor in?
15:05 - Why does Backscatter recommend Aperture Priority mode as the best shooting mode?
22:39 - Is it possible to shoot slow shutter speed or long exposure with TG-5 & 6?
28:20 - How do I achieve the best results from Manual Focus?
36:38 - How do I capture a custom white balance, and when do I need to?
42:56 - What filter do I need when shooting nightsea/fluorescence images?
46:45 - Why do I get a memory card error on my TG?
49:35 - How can I capture SLR-like shots on a TG-6? such as split shots?
55:58 - What is the best control arm setup for both macro and wide angle?
58:04 - Can I use the camera underwater without a housing?
01:01:36 - Why shouldn’t I zoom while shooting video?
01:04:01 -What should I upgrade to after TG-6?

[Live Q&A]
01:10:46 - What’s the impact of adding a wide angle lens to depth of field or to the amount of light reaching the sensor?
01:13:35 - What are the comparative differences between the Olympus and Nauticam Housings for TG cameras?
01:15:41 - Why does aperture change relative to TG camera’s level of zoom?
01:18:13 - Have we field-tested the new Nauticam WWL-C lens on a TG rig yet?
01:18:52 - If you want to do macro and wide angle on the same dive, could you create two custom modes in your TG camera ahead of time?
01:20:46 - Is there a TTL setting on the TG-6, and if so, do you use the fill-in flash in camera and set your strobes to TTL?
01:21:15 - Can you shoot TG with your strobes in a burst mode?
01:23:11 - In the previous blurred images, are your strobes set to rear curtain sync?
01:24:24 - What are the top 3 snoot recommendations for TG?
01:28:58 - Is there a depth limit on the high-density foam floats used for buoyancy?
01:29:58 - Is there an easy buoyancy test you can try on your camera rig before a trip?
01:32:07 - Can we fit a desiccant pack inside the TG housing & how often do we replace them?
01:34:31 - Why do we recommend f/8 when using a wide angle lens?
01:36:47 - Is there a non compact camera we recommend for shooting both macro and wide angle on the same dive?
01:38:28 - What is the best strobe to shoot both macro and wide angle?
01:40:08 - What do you do with your wide angle lens underwater when you’re not using it?

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