Join Backcatter’s Robin Dodd and Special Guests as they detail what it takes to capture spectacular underwater images. We will use a series of photos to dive into all aspects of underwater photography, including technique, equipment and camera settings. Backscatter,On,Air,Free,Live,Q&A,Videos,livestream,stream

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JUMP TO A VIDEOErin Quigley’s Amazing Underwater Images & How She Shot Them [Recorded LIVE] June 9, 2020Face to Face with Big Animals featuring Ron Watkins [Recorded LIVE] June 4, 2020New Underwater Lenses from Nauticam & How To Use Them [Recorded LIVE] May 26, 2020Your Top Olympus TG Questions Answered [Recorded LIVE] May 19, 2020Five More Great Underwater Images & How They Were Shot [Recorded LIVE] May 12, 2020Five Great Underwater Images & How They Were Shot [Recorded LIVE] May 5, 2020Erin Quigley’s Amazing Underwater Images & How She Shot Them [Recorded LIVE] June 9, 2020Intro to Erin Quigley01:03 - Erin’s Background in Underwater Photography & EditingCatfish Shot10:16 - Catfish Shot with Canon 1DX II & Canon 100mm IS Macro Lens10:58 - The story behind the shot11:45 - How do you push through frustrations when trying to nail a specific shot?Shark Shots12:47 - Large Shark Shot Series (4 images) 13:40 - What goes into the decision making of shot selection, especially for contest submissions? Manta18:57 - Manta Bait Ball Shot with Nikon D300 & Tokina 10-17 mm Fisheye Lens22:05 - What was your technique/strobe positioning for approaching this shot?23:35 - What was the planning behind the manta positioning?25:35 - Why would you use only a single strobe for shooting such a large subject?27:33 - Making the choice: converting a shot to black and white versus keeping it in full color28:52 - Components of a black and white shot29:20 - Do you shoot in auto ISO?31:28 - In the shark shot, were you able to sync your strobe at 1/400 shutter speed?32:04 - How big was the manta?Sea Lion33:21 - California Sea Lion Shot with Canon 1DX II & Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens38:45 - In underwater photography, do you shoot to the right or left of the histogram?42:35 - Do you use remote strobes?Nudibranch43:13 - Nudibranch Shot with Canon 1DX II & Canon 100mm IS Macro Lens43:25 - The story behind the shot47:07 - What makes the Nauticam SMC-2 great for macro shooting?Backlit Seahorse49:12 - Seahorse Shot with Canon 1DX II & Canon 100mm IS Macro Lens54:14 - Have you used extension rings, tubes, or wet lenses for your macro shooting?55:17 - Do you use a tripod when shooting macro?56:25 - Did you intentionally leave the backscatter around the head of the seahorse?Abstract School of Fish58:42 - Abstract School of Fish Shot with Canon 1DX II & Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens01:04:16 - Where can we find more info on “Go Ask Erin” tutorials, trips, and content?BACK TO TOPFace to Face with Big Animals featuring Ron Watkins [Recorded LIVE] June 4, 2020Saltwater Crocodile01:04 - How did you get started in underwater photography?03:22 - Crocodile Split Shot with Nikon D800 & Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens04:13 - How close to the subject are you?04:58 - Metadata: Why the higher ISO?06:09 - What was the thinking behind capturing the depth of field?08:16 - How many shots did it take to get this final shot?09:33 - What post process work was needed?10:42 - How many dome ports have you gone through in getting so close to animals’ sharp teeth?11:40 - How do you position strobes in lower light or night shooting conditions?Whitetip Shark14:01 - Whitetip Shark Slow Shutter Blur Shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 16-35mm Lens15:22 - What’s the working distance in this shot?17:01 - Explain the choice behind using 1/8th shutter speed for blur18:00 - Was your strobe positioning identical to the previous crocodile shot?19:12 - What specific strobe(s) are you using Ron?20:51 - Any worries about getting bit when shooting large subjects?21:56 - Did this shot take the same strobe power as the crocodile shot?Salmon Shark23:01 - Salmon Shark Shot with Nikon D800 & Nikon 16-35mm Lens24:56 - Where in the world were you for this shot?26:26 - What was the decision behind lens selection when shooting an elusive subject?28:03 - Given the aperture choice, any concerns about soft corners?29:45 - How do you balance zoom and focus in such dynamic water conditions & visibility?31:15 - How much post processing work was needed for this shot?Pool Session33:05 - Pool Jump-In Shot with Nikon D800 & Nikon 16-35mm Lens35:08 - Preparing settings prior to the jump shots36:26 - What’s the lens selection when working with human models?Humpback Whales37:10 - Humpback Whales and Diver Shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 16-35mm Lens38:22 - Was the diver model intentionally placed in the shot?40:18 - What were considerations behind the in-camera settings?41:08 - What’s the aperture choice to prevent motion blur of the whales?42:53 - Is the ISO set to auto or manual?43:59 - Are future photo trips implementing social distancing?Marine Iguana44:31 - Marine Iguana Shot with Nikon D800 & Tokina 10-17 mm Lens46:51 - Tell us about using the Tokina 10-17 mm Lens; how close you are to the subject?48:59 - Were you using a “Magic Filter?”50:09 - Is the lighting ambient or with strobes?50:54 - How were you able to work around the “blue halo” or flare effect around the humpback whales?Blue Shark53:06 - Blue Shark Shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 8-15mm55:07 - The story behind the lens selection56:11 - Shark diving/shooting style recommendations58:01 - How do you avoid blowing-out the white underbellies of sharks?58:25 - Dialing in your “drop-in” settings on the boat59:28 - What’s the post processing work behind this shot?1:01:15 - What size dome are you using?BACK TO TOPNew Underwater Lenses from Nauticam & How To Use Them [Recorded LIVE] May 26, 2020Intro to Nauticam Optics00:38 - Why do we need specialized underwater optics for underwater photography? What do we mean when we say “optics” from Nauticam? Nauticam WWL-103:08 - Nauticam WWL-105:37 - Coral Shot Comparison: 28mm Lens, with & without Nauticam WWL-108:02 - Sweetlips Fish Shot 08:48 - Bayonet Mount for Nauticam WWL-109:45 - Baby Wobbegong Shark ShotNautical WWL-C10:40 - Nauticam WWL-C11:30 - White Coral Shot with Olympus TG-6 & Nauticam WWL-C12:05 - Nauticam WWL-C Integrated Buoyancy CollarBest Compact Camera Lens13:40 - How does the Nauticam WWL-C compare to the Nauticam WWL-1?15:12 - How easy is it to handle the bayonet mount wearing thicker gloves?15:44 - Will the Nauticam WWL-C work with other manufacturers’ housings, such as Acquapazza housings? Does it require a converter? 17:13 - What the best wide angle lens for a Panasonic LX1017:44 - What lens is recommended behind the Nauticam WWL-1 on an Olympus OM-D E-M1 II camera? Nauticam CMC19:17 - Nauticam CMC-1 & Nauticam CMC-219:48 - Macro & Non-Macro Lenses Focus Distance Comparison Diagram20:40 - Nudibranch Shot Comparison of Macro & Non-Macro, using Nauticam CMC-122:18 - Shrimp Shot with Sony RX100 V & Nauticam CMC-122:56 - Gear Demonstration: Nauticam NA-GH5 Housing housing with Nauticam CMC-1 on Flip DiopterNauticam WACP-124:23 - Nauticam WACP27:34 - Why wouldn’t you just use a fisheye lens instead of the Nauticam WACP?27:42 - Rectilinear vs. Fisheye Lenses Comparison: Pool Shot28:15 - Rectilinear vs. Fisheye Lenses Comparison: Soft Corals Shot30:15 - Solomon Islands Coral Shot with Canon 7D II & Nauticam WACP32:30 - Manta Shot with Canon EOS R & Nauticam WACP33:05 - Whitetip Sharks Shot comparison with Canon EOS R & Nauticam WACPNauticam WACP-237:56 - Nauticam WACP-238:53 - Shipwreck Shot with Nikon Z7 & Nauticam WACP-239:42 - Corals & Diver Shot with Nikon Z7 & Nauticam WACP-240:27 - String Rays Shot with Nikon D850 & Nauticam WACP-241:24 - Can the Nauticam WACP-2 focus to infinity in air?Nauticam SMC42:13 - Nauticam SMC-1 & Nauticam SMC-243:08 - Nudibranch Comparison Shots using Nauticam SMC-143:52 - Gear Demonstration: Nauticam SMC-1 & Nauticam SMC-2 on A7R4 housing45:09 - Nudibranch Trio Comparison Shots with Nikon D810Nauticam MWL-148:41 - Nauticam MWL-149:08 - Schooling Fish Shot with Nikon Z7 & Nauticam MWL-149:59 - Shrimp Comparison Shot with Nikon Z7 with Nauticam CMC-1 & Nauticam MWL-1Nauticam EMWL-151:30 - Nauticam EMWL-152:24 - Three Components of Nauticam EMWL-153:25 - Assembled Nauticam EMWL-153:44 - Breakdown of Three Components 54:34 - The Three “Objective Lens” of EMWL55:58 - Blenny Fish Shots Comparison of EMWL 60°, 100°, 130° with Nikon D85057:30 - Blenny Fish Shots Comparison of EMWL 60° & SMC-1 with Nikon D85058:21 - Fish Shot with Nikon D850 & EMWL 100°LIVE Q&A59:45 - Can you use a WWL lens with non-zoom/fixed lenses such as 60mm or 105mm?1:00:55 - What’s the best macro lens for a Nikon D850? What’s the best macro optic to stack on top of that macro lens?1:02:17 - How wide can the Nauticam WACP-2 go? Will it go out to 12mm on a full-frame?1:03:38 - What is Hergen’s favorite rig to use right now underwater? 1:07:49 - Are there any macro video examples of the Nauticam SMC-1 & Nauticam SMC-2?1:08:20 - Can the Nauticam EMWL-1 be shot as a traditional wide angle lens?1:09:07 - What is recommended for Panasonic LX10, the Nauticam CMC-1, or Nauticam CMC-2?1:10:28 - How does Nauticam design an optic, like the Nauticam WWL-C, that can improve the optical output of a lower quality lens?1:12:48 - What does Nauticam have in the works for the Nikon Z50?1:13:44 - What’s the total topside weight for the Nauticam EMWL-1 set up, and how does the weight work underwater?1:14:29 - How do you choose the right amount of buoyancy needed for your camera system?1:15:37 - Are the Nauticam SMC-1 & Nauticam SMC-2 compatible with mirrorless systems, like the GH5/5s?1:16:55 - Is there a Nauticam iPhone housing in the works?BACK TO TOPYour Top Olympus TG Questions Answered [Recorded LIVE] May 19, 2020Top TG Questions00:30 - Is the TG camera sufficient at macro without a macro lens? 05:53 - How do I set aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, & how does exposure compensation factor in?15:05 - Why does Backscatter recommend Aperture Priority mode as the best shooting mode?22:39 - Is it possible to shoot slow shutter speed or long exposure with Olympus TG-5 & Olympus TG-6?28:20 - How do I achieve the best results from Manual Focus?36:38 - How do I capture a custom white balance, and when do I need to?42:56 - What filter do I need when shooting nightsea/fluorescence images?46:45 - Why do I get a memory card error on my TG?49:35 - How can I capture SLR-like shots on a Olympus TG-6? such as split shots?55:58 - What is the best control arm setup for both macro and wide angle?58:04 - Can I use the camera underwater without a housing?01:01:36 - Why shouldn’t I zoom while shooting video?01:04:01 -What should I upgrade to after Olympus TG-6?Live Q&A 01:10:46 - What’s the impact of adding a wide angle lens to depth of field or to the amount of light reaching the sensor? 01:13:35 - What are the comparative differences between the Olympus and Nauticam Housings for TG cameras? 01:15:41 - Why does aperture change relative to TG camera’s level of zoom?01:18:13 - Have we field-tested the new Nauticam WWL-C lens on a TG rig yet?01:18:52 - If you want to do macro and wide angle on the same dive, could you create two custom modes in your TG camera ahead of time?01:20:46 - Is there a TTL setting on the Olympus TG-6, and if so, do you use the fill-in flash in camera and set your strobes to TTL?01:21:15 - Can you shoot TG with your strobes in a burst mode?01:23:11 - In the previous blurred images, are your strobes set to rear curtain sync?01:24:24 - What are the top 3 snoot recommendations for TG?01:28:58 - Is there a depth limit on the high-density foam floats used for buoyancy?01:29:58 - Is there an easy buoyancy test you can try on your camera rig before a trip?01:32:07 - Can we fit a desiccant pack inside the TG housing & how often do we replace them?01:34:31 - Why do we recommend ƒ8 when using a wide angle lens?01:36:47 - Is there a non compact camera we recommend for shooting both macro and wide angle on the same dive?01:38:28 - What is the best strobe to shoot both macro and wide angle?01:40:08 - What do you do with your wide angle lens underwater when you’re not using it?BACK TO TOPFive More Great Underwater Images & How They Were Shot [Recorded LIVE] May 12, 2020Image Review04:10 - Turtle shot with Nikon D500 & Tokina 10-17 mm Lens15:44 - Stingray shot with Olympus TG-5 & Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lens24:50 - BMX Biker split shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 8-15mm Lens31:15 - Cuttlefish shot with Canon 5D IV & Canon 8-15mm Lens 38:35 - Nudibranch shot with Sony a7R IV & Sony 90mm LensLive Q&A44:58 - What are basic starter settings for compact camera shooting?48:03 - What is an equivalent lens to the Tokina 10-17mm for a Sony E-mount body? 50:57 - What were the focus settings for the Turtle shot: continuous, single focus, or manual?52:28 - What’s that braided rope lanyard clipped to Jim’s SLR rig?54:47 - How does strobe lighting change the camera settings of the BMX biker split shot? 57:26 - How do you set white balance when shooting with strobes? 58:10 - How is even lighting achieved in the Turtle shot when overlapping two strobe beams?59:41 - What would you recommend to an Olympus TG-6 shooter who’s ready to upgrade?BACK TO TOPFive Great Underwater Images & How They Were Shot [Recorded LIVE] May 5, 2020Image Review06:40 - Eel shot with Nikon Z7 & Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens14:30 - Grouper shot with Sony a7R IV & Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens21:05 - Dolphin shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens30:09 - Nudibranch shot with Sony RX100 VII & SAGA +5 Lens37:58 - Cuttlefish shot with Sony a7R III & Laowa Probe LensLive Q&A45:36 - Do we use a magnified viewfinder on the Nikon D850?47:47 - What’s the technique for rapidly adjusting strobe placement?49:02 - How close is the dome to the subject in the Eel shot? 50:05 - Did we post-process the test footage in the review of Sony a7R IV video?54:08 - What are the best techniques to minimize backscatter in images?57:07 - Will lengthening focal length help in shooting macro in current or rougher water? 58:48 - What are the performance differences in larger (full frame) and smaller (micro 4/3) sensors?01:01:58 - What’s the best minimalist lighting set up for a TG with housing using, & can you achieve good wide angle lighting with a single strobe?01:06:24 - Which do we recommend, the Nikon D500 or the Nikon D850?BACK TO TOP

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