This video tutorial walks you through the assembly of Flex Arms within your underwater camera system.Flex Arms,Sola Light,Assembly,How to,Video,Tutorial

How to Assemble an Flex Arms

In this hands on video tutorial, Mike Tamayo shows you step by step how to assemble Flex Arms to your camera tray and video lights.Flex Arms LocLine Pliers for 1/2inch and 3/4inch Flex Arms $35.00 BUY NOW LocLine Pliers for 3/4inch Flex Arms $20.00 BUY NOW LocLine Pliers for 1/2inch Flex Arms $20.00 BUY NOW Backscatter Mini Flex Arm for Light & Motion Sola Video Lights $29.99 BUY NOW Backscatter Flex Arm for Light & Motion Sola Video Lights $39.99 BUY NOW Backscatter Flex Arm with YS adapter end $39.99 BUY NOW Light & Motion GoBe Imaging Mount Kit $29.99 BUY NOW Light & Motion Sola Video Flex Arm LocLine Mount Kit $19.99 BUY NOW Backscatter Flex Arm Locline 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch Infinity Adapter $10.00 BUY NOW

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