Q: I was lucky enough to get close to a Giant Black Sea Bass, but my lighting is all over the place. Is there a way to even it out in post? A: You're gonna love this one. The Graduated and Radial Filters can relight your image after the fact!Underwater,Photography,Tutorials,Lightroom,Photoshop,Adobe,Imaging,Training,Erin

Go Ask Erin - Repositioning Strobes in Post - Lightroom Tutorial

Q: I was lucky enough to get close to a Giant Black Sea Bass, but my lighting is all over the place. Is there a way to even it out in post?A: You're gonna love this one. The Graduated and Radial Filters can relight your image after the fact! Before some rabid traditionalist out there clobbers me with a YS-250, let me take a step back and clarify a few things. Nothing under the sun works to reclaim completely blown out highlights or brutally crushed shadows, but the local tools in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw do a dang good job of r edirecting strobe light and diminishing unwanted ambient color. One of the most difficult skills to master in underwater photography is lighting. The Graduated and Radial Filters can help adjust not just the intensity, but the actual placement of light in your image. They're not a substitute for getting it right in camera, and they're not the most intuitive tools that Lightroom has to offer, but once you grasp the concepts and start to use them, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Topics include building and applying graduated and radial filters in Lightroom, evaluating edits with different types of Before and After views. (Runtime: 10 minutes, 3 seconds)Watch the Quick Fix VideoSoftware Covered in this Video:Topic Time Codes(01:05) Intro to the Filter Tool Drawer(01:20) Local vs. Global edits(01:40) What is a Graduated Filter?(01:55) What is a Radial Filter?(02:15) Inverting the Radial Filter Mask(02:40) Critical concepts of Lightroom's local tools(03:05) Suggested Workflow(03:15) Edit Pin visibility(03:32) Toggling the Toolbar on and off(03:55) Creating a Graduated Filter(04:05) Repositioning, reshaping and rotating a Graduated Filter(05:01) Adjusting White Balance with a Graduated Filter(05:10) Building multiple filters (05:40) Resetting the sliders(06:47) Readjusting inactive edit pins(07:05) Toggling Before and After from Panel Switch (07:35) Creating a Radial Filter(08:10) Repositioning, reshaping, and rotating a Radial Filter(09:01) Before and After of all edits(09:21) Live side-by-side Before and AfterView Before and After of the Image Click Here to Begin!GoAskErin, is a feature brought to you by Backscatter - Underwater Photo and Video. Erin Quigley, our Lightroom and Photoshop guru, reveals her favorite tips and techniques in our bi-monthly series of online video tutorials, using images chosen from viewer submissions. Erin Quigley is a Adobe ACE certified digital imaging consultant specializing in customized workflows and editing strategies using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. She is an award-winning underwater photographer and video editor, and creator of GoAskErin.com, which provides one-on-one instruction, custom video tutorials, and Photoshop and Lightroom resources specifically developed for underwater shooters.

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