Nauticam Nikon D5 Underwater Housing NA-D5

The new Nauticam NA-D5 housing incorporates advances from the NA-D4 that came before it, but features enhanced ergonomics, a more sophisticated flash triggering system, and reduced size / weight thanks to cutting edge manufacturing processes. Key controls, such as ISO, Video Record, and Playback, and Info were dramatically routed out to the housing grips. Nauticam recognizes that advanced DSLR cameras, and advanced DSLR users, rely on these functions more than ever to realize the full potential of advanced imaging systems. Advanced high ISO and video functionality in modern DSLR cameras has redefined what essential controls are really essential. Considerable design and manufacturing resources go into this ergonomic reshuffling, but the benefit to the user experience makes is worth the effort.

SKU: # na-17219

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