Dive X Piranha P1 Power Tool Battery PackageDive X Piranha P1 Power Tool Battery PRO Package: Dive Xtras is proud to announce the release of the Piranha, the newest and most technologically advanced DPV ever released. The Piranha takes queues from its older siblings, the Echo, Sierra, and Cuda, but is a wholly new DPV. With the idea of modularity like the Sierra, the reliability and performance of a Cuda, but taking advantage of advances in technology, the Piranha is the best performing and lightest scooter on the market. Dive, X, Piranha, P1, Power, Tool, Battery, PRO, Package

Dive X Piranha P1 Power Tool Battery Package

Piranha P1 Package

  • Piranha Tail
  • Piranha Power Tool Battery Body Assembly
  • Piranha Nose Assembly
  • Piranha Dual Gauge Mount
  • Piranha Standard Spares Kit
Batteries and chargers not supplied.

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Price $4,995.00
Price $4,995.00