Backscatter Macro Lens Package for PEN HousingsBackscatter Macro Lens Package for PEN Housings: If you’re strictly a macro critter hunter and don’t need any wide angle capability then this will get you the ability to shoot subjects ranging in size from a basketball down to a grain of rice. The stock port can be used with an extension ring for the |||Olympus 60mm Lens||| so only 1 port is needed, reducing travel size. The |||Olympus 60mm Lens||| with its razor-sharp optics, fast focus, and super macro range can do a 1:1 reproduction ratio without any additional lenses. Add on a wet macro lens for even more magnification to shoot the smallest critters in the ocean. Backscatter, Macro, Lens, Package, for, PEN, Housings, olympus, e-pl9, e-pl10, aoi

Backscatter Macro Lens Package for PEN Housings

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