Anglerfish Remote Trigger V 3.0Anglerfish Remote Trigger V 3.0: Trigger version 3 is battery replaceable version of the trigger. The trigger can accept high capacity and the readily available CR2 battery allowing the user to change the battery easily in the field. A user has the ability to install non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries. Features carried over from version 2 include optical and electrical sync cable options. It has a depth limit of 100 m (330 ft.). Anglerfish, Remote, Trigger, V, 3.0, triggerfish, fish, slave, optical, Angler, fish

Anglerfish Remote Trigger V 3.0

  • Accepts dual optical and electric sync cables
  • Compatible with all strobe models
  • Intelligent ambient light sensitivity compensation via onboard computer
  • Depth rating of 100 m
  • Ultrafast electronics able to achieve maximum sync speeds faster than 1/320s!

SKU: # af-trigger-v3

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