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Product Review: The Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue Radio

7 years ago | Nautilus LifeLine

Jim Decker, Backscatter CEO, and Mike Lever, inventor of the Nautilus Lifeline, discuss this powerful, must-have safety accessory. The Nautilus Lifeline is a GPS enabled marine rescue radio that is waterproof to 450 feet, allows communication between a diver and boats, other divers with Lifelines, and in case of emergency will transmit a diver's coordinates across a 4000 square mile area. The Nautilus Lifeline works everywhere in the world, and the beauty of its approach is that its designed to communicate with boats in your immediate vicinity over standard radio frequencies. Unlike EPIRB devices which transmit your coordinates via satellite to a potentially faraway location where it could be irrelevant to your rescue, the Nautilus Lifeline is intended to get you found fast!

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