Olympus EPL-10 | Underwater Camera & Housing Review

We're calling the Olympus PEN E-PL10 & Backscatter Limited Edition Octo Housing the "Best Bang For Your Buck" in underwater photography. This system seamlessly blends performance, versatility, and value into a travel-friendly compact package. Watch the video for a complete review, and visit the article linked below for even more info. JUMP TO A SECTION:
02:18 Why Go Mirrorless?
03:37 Small Enough For Travel
04:45 An Ideal Upgrade from TG Cameras
07:02 It’s All About The Lenses
08:23 Choosing The Right Lens
11:32 Excellent Image Quality
12:02 Rapid Fire Strobes
13:00 Back Button Autofocus
13:30 Simple Exposure Control
13:52 Video Specs
14:44 Housing Details
16:54 Conclusion: The Best Bang For Your Buck Help us keep making great videos by purchasing your gear from Backscatter or any of our dealers and photo centers worldwide. Every purchase includes free lifetime tech support. We appreciate you and we're here to help!

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