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Ikelite: How To Assemble a Complete Underwater Camera System

Have you ever wanted to learn about Ikelite underwater housing, strobes, and accessories? In this video we break down everything that underwater photographers need to know about the Ikelite product line, and how to fully set up an Ikelite underwater camera system.

00:00 Intro
00:36 About Ikelite
1:30 What's In The Box?
3:03 Accessories & Configurations
8:01 Underwater Controls
11:31 Getting Ready to Dive
12:42 - Adding a Right Handle &andControl Extensions
13:36 - Opening the housing and Installing Viewfinder
16:03 - Installing the TTL Hot Shoe & Camera on Tray
16:45 - Attaching a Lens and Zoom Gear
18:38 - Attaching a Port and Extension Ring
22:39 - Installing the Camera in the Housing
23:38 - Sealing the Housing
24:06 - Attaching Strobes and Function Testing
25:19 - Pulling a Vacuum

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