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Five More Great Underwater Images & How We Shot Them [Recorded LIVE] May 12, 2020

Join Robin Dodd and Backscatter CEO Jim Decker as they take a deep dive into underwater photography. Jim will use five images to demonstrate how technique, camera settings, equipment and animal behavior all have to come together to create that perfect shot. The images will be from compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras and will include both wide angle and macro shots. There will be something for every underwater shooter in this session! A live Q&A will follow the images. Topic Timecode Links
[Image Review]
04:10 - Turtle shot with Nikon D500 & Tokina 10-17
15:44 - Stingray shot with Olympus TG-5 & M52 Wide Angle Lens
24:50 - BMX Biker split shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 8-15mm Lens
31:15 - Cuttlefish shot with Canon 5D4 & Canon 8-15mm Lens
38:35 - Nudibranch shot with Sony A7R4 & Sony 90mm Lens

[Live Q&A]
44:58 - What are basic starter settings for compact camera shooting?
48:03 - What is an equivalent lens to the Tokina 10-17 for a Sony E-mount body?
50:57 - What were the focus settings for the Turtle shot: continuous, single focus, or manual?
52:28 - What’s that braided rope lanyard clipped to Jim’s SLR rig?
54:47 - How does strobe lighting change the camera settings of the BMX biker split shot?
57:26 - How do you set white balance when shooting with strobes?
58:10 - How is even lighting achieved in the Turtle shot when overlapping two strobe beams?
59:41 - What would you recommend to an Olympus TG shooter who’s ready to upgrade?

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