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Five Great Underwater Images & How We Shot Them [Recorded LIVE] May 5, 2020

Join Robin Dodd and Backscatter CEO Jim Decker as they take a deep dive into underwater photography. Jim will use five images to demonstrate how technique, camera settings, equipment and animal behavior all have to come together to create that perfect shot. The images will be from compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras and will include both wide angle and macro shots. There will be something for every underwater shooter in this session! A live Q&A will follow the images. Topic Timecode Links
[Image Review]
06:40 - Eel shot with Nikon Z7 & Nikon 8-15 Fisheye Lens
14:30 - Grouper shot with Sony A7R IV & Canon 8-15 Fisheye Lens
21:05 - Dolphin shot with Nikon D850 & Nikon 8-15 Fisheye Lens
30:09 - Nudibranch shot with Sony RX100 VII & Saga 5+ Lens
37:58 - Cuttlefish shot with Sony A7R III & Laowa 24mm Probe Lens

[Live Q&A]
45:36 - Do we use a magnified viewfinder on the Nikon D850?
47:47 - What’s the technique for rapidly adjusting strobe placement?
49:02 - How close is the dome to the subject in the Eel shot?
50:05 - Did we post-process the test footage in the review of A7R IV video?
54:08 - What are the best techniques to minimize backscatter in images?
57:07 - Will lengthening focal length help in shooting macro in current or rougher water?
58:48 - What are the performance differences in larger (full frame) and smaller (micro 4/3) sensors?
01:01:58 - What’s the best minimalist lighting set up for a TG with housing using, & can you achieve good wide angle lighting with a single strobe?
01:06:24 - Which do we recommend, the Nikon D500 or the Nikon D850?

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