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Backscatter Macro Wide Video Light MW-4300 | The Best Underwater Video Light

The Ultimate Compact Video Light for Macro, Wide, and Snooting Check out the complete companion article to this video for even more info: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Best-Underwater-Video-Light-Backscatter-Macro-Wide-4300-Video-Light-MW-4300 The Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Video Light is the ultimate video light for any video or photo shooter. Its compact size is great for travel, its versatile for macro and wide shooters, and offers practical signaling options usable on any dive that goes way beyond a simple SOS pattern. The 4300-lumen wide beam is great for compact camera shooters looking for a small compact light that has a bright output for wide angle video. The 1400-lumen macro beam has been tailor-made for macro video shooters for all levels, from GoPro and compact all the way to full-frame SLR and cinema. Photographers looking for a focus light have plenty of power, plus a red mode for night time to avoid spooking critters and avoiding “the swarmies” from congregating all over your light and ruining the shot. Divemasters and guides will love the Alert and Beacon modes to get a diver's attention and to mark off locations on a night dive. Wide angle shots captured with Canon EOS R5.
Macro shots captured with Sony A7S III. Jump to a section:
0:00 - Intro/Overview
2:03 - The Ultimate Macro Video Light
6:30 - 4300 Lumens for Wide Angle
6:58 - Calibrated Color Temperature
7:14 - Red Mode for Stealth
7:35 - Alert & Beacon Modes
8:30 - Color Filter System
9:49 - Always Ready with Interchangeable Batteries
10:50 - Double O-Rings & Battery Protection
11:27 - Easy Control Set
11:49 - Conclusion

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