If you have an underwater photographer on your gift-giving list this year, Backscatter is the place to find the perfect gift. We have the hottest deals of the year on our Holiday Gift Guide! Our top picks are sure to put a smile on every underwater photographer’s face!Backscatter,Holiday,Shopping,Guide,2017,Underwater,Photographer,Videographer,x-mas,christmas,sale

Our Favorite Underwater Photography Gadgets & Cameras

VIVA CREATIVITY!A kaleidoscope, drop of water, and a lens walk into a bar The result is something that will open new doors to your underwater photography. The SAGA Saga Magic Ball is possibly the most fun lens you will ever use. It produces a circular fisheye image in the center and a water drop effect on the edges. It might be a one trick pony for underwater photography contests, but it makes images that will capture the eye and it’s hell of a lot of fun! Click Here to see great images shot with the Saga Magic Ball. READ OUR REVIEWPrice $239.99BUY NOWTHE ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE MACRO LENS The SAGA Trio offers the ultimate flexibility of any underwater macro converter. Its elegant design allows you to flip between 3 different macro powers with a simple flip of your finger. It mounts easily to any macro port with 67mm threads and is a joy to use. Price $816.20BUY NOWTAKE YOUR MACRO SHOTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL Anyone can shoot an underwater photo. Great images are made with great lighting. Stop taking fish identification photos and learn the magic of snoot lighting. You’ll need to dedicate a few dives to get the hang of it, but your images will inspire you and others on a whole new level. Not sure exactly what a snoot does? Check out our 10Bar Snoot Review with underwater images showing you the way. VIEW ALL SNOOT OPTIONS Retra LSD Light Shaping DevicePrice $351.99BUY NOWSAGA Optical SnootPrice $649.00BUY NOWInon Z-240 and D2000 Strobe Snoot SetPrice $255.00BUY NOW10Bar Snoot for Sea & Sea YS-DPrice $120.00BUY NOW10Bar Snoot with Laser for Inon Z-240 & D-2000 Price $150.00BUY NOWReefNet Fiber Optic Snoot PackagePrice $300.00BUY NOWVIEW ALL SNOOT OPTIONSOUR FAVORITE COMPACT CAMERA TRAVEL BAG The Mirrorless Mover is our favorite shoulder bag for GoPro and small compact camera systems. ThinkTank makes high-quality travel bags designed specifically to protect sensitive camera gear during transport, ensuring your gear will arrive ready to use. VIEW ALL THINKTANK BAGSPrice $69.75BUY NOWOUR FAVORITE INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED SYSTEMSBACKSCATTER AWARD FOR BEST ADVANCED COMPACT CAMERA The Panasonic LX10 earned our Best Advanced Compact Camera award in our Best Compact Cameras for 2017 article. The Panasonic LX10 is Panasonic’s answer to the 1-inch sensor sized Sony RX100 V and Canon G7 X II. While image quality is excellent and is comparable to these other 1-inch sensor cameras, the Panasonic stands out as having the best control set, white balance, and 4K video of any compact camera in our review. READ OUR REVIEW Panasonic LUMIX LX10 CameraPrice $599.99BUY NOWIkelite LX10 HousingPrice $550.00BUY NOWNauticam NA-LX10 HousingPrice $995.00BUY NOWBEST STILLS IMAGE QUALITY IN A MIRRORLESS CAMERA The Sony a6500 is a 24MP APS-C sized mirrorless camera that also shoots 4K video at a bit rate of 100mbps. You can shoot it like a compact with the kit lens and add wet lenses for wide angle and macro, or go totally pro with top grade dedicated SLR type optics. Image quality is 2nd only to full frame SLR cameras, making this a very versatile camera for either the new or advanced shooter. Need help navigating the many options in setting up a complete camera system? Call one of our underwater imaging experts to help! READ OUR REVIEWSony a6500 Camera Price $1,399.99BUY NOWAquatica A6500 HousingPrice $1,650.00BUY NOWFantasea FA6500 HousingPrice $980.00BUY NOWIkelite a6500 HousingPrice $974.95BUY NOWNauticam NA-A6500 HousingPrice $1,800.00BUY NOWHIGH RESOLUTION, LOW NOISE & HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE—YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! The Nikon D850 is probably best defined by its extremely sharp 46MP sensor and its ability to capture a VERY high dynamic range without sacrificing resolution. In the past, a shooter had to decide between high-resolution or good low-light performance and high dynamic range from their camera. The Nikon D850 gives us underwater shooters the low-light ability and high dynamic range we need for the underwater environment with one of the highest resolutions in the industry. READ OUR REVIEWNikon D850 FX Full Frame DSLR Camera BodyPrice $3,299.95BUY NOWAquatica AD850 HousingPrice $2,895.00BUY NOWIkelite D850 HousingPrice $1,695.00BUY NOWIsotta D850 HousingPrice $2,990.00ORDER NOWNauticam NA-D850 HousingPrice $3,800.00BUY NOW Sea & Sea MDX-D850 HousingPrice $TBDORDER NOWSubal ND850 HousingPrice $3,949.00BUY NOWNOT QUITE SURE WHAT YOUR SHOOTER WOULD LIKE? A GIFT CERTIFICATE IS THE PERFECT GIFT! Backscatter credit is as good as gold for the picky person on your list. Our expert staff will help them decide what item best meets their personal needs and shooting goals. Click here to purchase a gift certificate. BUY NOWFREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON WEB ORDERS OVER $200More details about Free Shipping

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