The Light & Motion Sola line is one of the best and simplest underwater imaging lights ever created. It is one of our best sellers and performs consistently well under challenging conditions to help produce outstanding images. There are a few features and issues you may encounter. Here is a handy field guide for resolving some issues quickly.Sola Lights Tips LMI Troubleshooting Help Light & and Motion underwater video light focus

Sola Lights - Tips and Troubleshooting

The Light & Motion Sola line is one of the best and simplest underwater imaging lights ever created. It is one of our best sellers and performs consistently well under challenging conditions to help produce outstanding images. There are a few features and issues you may encounter. Here is a handy field guide for resolving some issues quickly. JUMP TO A SECTIONHow to properly use Travel Lock Out ModeHow to wake a hibernating SolaS.O.S. ModeCleaning the contactsCharger Problems - How to read the LEDDetermining Which Charger Each Sola NeedsTRAVEL LOCK OUT MODE This is a safety feature that Light & Motion has implemented across the Sola line and other lights they manufacture. It is a simple method to prevent your light from accidentally turning on, especially during travel. This is designed in addition to the ability to lock the switch by rotating it 90 degrees. If your light is accidentally turned on it can drain your battery before a dive, or worse, can overheat and cause permanent damage. It is important to remember that all Sola lights must be water-cooled (i.e. fully submerged) during regular use. Travel Lock Out Mode is programmed into all Solas, except the Dive & Photo 500 & 800. Travel Lock Out Mode is initiated by holding the toggle switch forward for 5-7 seconds while the light is off. The indicator LEDs should flash red 3-4 times. The Sola is now locked and will not turn on or accept a charge. </center><br><center><em>Hold the switch forward for 5-7 seconds while the light is off. The indicator LEDs should flash red 3-4 times.</em></center><br><br> To deactivate, simply repeat holding the toggle switch forward for another 5-7 seconds. The LEDs will flash green 3-4 times and normal operation will be resumed. <br><br><div class="embed-container" style="position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto;"><iframe style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;" src="" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>Watch this video to Activate and Deactivate the Sola Light's Travel Lockout Mode.BACK TO TOPHOW TO WAKE A HIBERNATING SOLA Several models of Sola lights are programmed to go into a state of hibernation when not charged or used for an extended period of time. It goes in to hibernation to prevent full discharge of the battery, which can cause permanent damage and will eventually require replacement. You can wake a Sola from hibernation easily. First, plug your charger into an appropriate power outlet. Next, tap the charging contacts against the charging ports on the light rapidly for approximately 5 seconds. After about 5 seconds of tapping, plug the charger all the way in to the Sola. The resulting power surge can activate the internal circuit and will allow the Sola to power up again and accept the charge. The Sola can take up to 6 seconds to begin charging, so be patient while tapping and after plugging it in fully. Give it a solid 6 seconds of being plugged in before a second attempt is made. Hibernation mode can be avoided by regularly charging your Sola about every 30-60 days. Watch this video to wake a Sola from Hibernation Mode.BACK TO TOPS.O.S. Mode All Sola models have an S.O.S. Mode built it. Simply hold the toggle switch back for about 4 seconds when light is off. This will start a pre-programmed S.O.S. Morse Code flash pattern. Hopefully you never have to use it, but it's there just in case! Watch this video to toggle the SOS Safety Alert Mode of the Sola.BACK TO TOPCLEANING THE CONTACTS - KEEP YOUR CHARGING PORTS SHINY! One downside to the external battery charging contacts on the Sola is that they are prone to corrosion over time. As with all gear, proper post-dive care and plenty of fresh water rinsing will help prevent this. When the contacts on your Sola start to lose their shine or begin to show corrosion don't despair, they are easy to clean. You can treat the corrosion with a bit of denatured alcohol (isopropyl 70% or higher also works). Just apply just a bit of alcohol to a cotton swab and clean the contacts with it. Then use a dense Wire Brush or some fine sandpaper to scour the charging contact surface. Apply more alcohol and continue to scour as needed until the contacts begin to regain some of their shine. Be sure to rinse well with fresh water after cleaning. This same method works well for cleaning the charging contacts on the charger itself, should it begin to develop corrosion if plugged in while the Sola still has saltwater on it. Watch this video to learn how to best Clean the Sola Charging Contacts.BACK TO TOPSOLA CHARGERS - UNDERSTANDING THE LED All Sola chargers should display a green LED when connected to a power source. The LED will change to red upon making contact with the Sola. If your charger remains green when plugged in and the Sola LEDs do not activate, then reference the steps to wake up your Sola from and check that travel lock out mode is not activated. If your charger LEDs turn red when connected to the Sola but the Sola LEDs do not activate, then something may be wrong with the Sola battery or board, and it should be sent in for service. If the charger LED remains green even when connected to your Sola and the Sola LEDs do not activate, then your charger may be bad. It should be sent in for service. Charger Type Unplugged No Power Plugged-in, No Sola Attached Sola Charging Sola Charging Complete Sola Lights Sola 1 Amp Charger Sola 2 Amp Charger Sola 2 Amp PSE Charger Sola Fast Charge Power Supply Note: Solas charge pattern differs between models. It may be left to right or right to left. Either way, your Sola is charging normally. Older generation Solas may not change the LED color when charging. This is normal, but may require a full discharge in water then full charge to ensure the light is fully functional.BACK TO TOPWHICH CHARGER DOES THE SOLA NEED There are 3 different chargers; Sola 1 Amp Charger, Sola 2 Amp Charger, Sola Fast Charger. This is to make sure the Sola charges safely as quickly as possible. Lower lumen Solas use the Sola 1 Amp Charger. The Sola 2 Amp Charger is for mid-level lumen Solas. For the high lumen Solas, you need the Sola Fast Charger. The Sola 1 Amp Charger and Sola 2 Amp Charger are interchangeable and have a guide pin on the right side of the charger. The Sola Fast Charger had a guide pin on the left side of the charger. Use the chart below to determin which Charger your Sola needs. Charger Type Sola 1 Amp ChargerSola 2 Amp ChargerSola Fast ChargerBack of Sola Lights Sola Charger PlugSola & Charger PlugSola ChargersSola 1 Amp Charger $29.99BUY NOWSola 2 Amp Charger $39.99BUY NOWSola Fast Charger $69.99BUY NOWSola USB-C Charger $49.99BUY NOWBACK TO TOPMORE QUESTIONS? Give us a call or drop us an email. We are here to help you with your underwater imaging needs. Backscatter also offers a full service center to get your gear back to working order. Why buy direct from Backscatter?Free lifetime tech support with every purchase. We will beat any advertised price. Free shipping to USA and Canada and low-cost international shipping. Light & Motion Solas The trouble shooting techniques listed in this article will work with the Solas listed below. Sola Video LightsSola 1200 VideoSola 2000 VideoSola 2000SF VideoSola 2100 VideoSola 2500 F VideoSola 2500 S/F VideoSola 3000 VideoSola Video 3800Sola Video Pro 3800Sola 3500+Sola 3600+Sola Dive Lights:Sola Dive 500Sola Dive 600Sola Dive 1200 S/FSola Dive 2000 S/FSola Dive 2500 S/FSola Dive Pro 2000Sola Tech 600Sola Nightsea LightsNightsea SolaSola Photo Lights:Sola 500 PhotoSola Photo 600Sola Photo 800Sola Photo 1200Stella Video LightsStella 1000Stella CL 1000/2500 UWStella 2000

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