We had an amazing time at this past DEMA and seeing all the new gear to come in 2019! Thank you to all the vendors and participants as well as all the amazing folks that stopped by our booth. It was awesome to see all the new equipment. Underwater imaging has a bright future. backscatter,underwater,review,interview,roundup,round,up,dema,2018,nauticam,aquatica,isotta,olympus,subal,ikelite

New Underwater Camera Gear Coming in 2019

WE COVERED THE DEMA SHOW IN VIDEO× We had an amazing time at this past DEMA and seeing all the new gear to come in 2019! Thank you to all the vendors and participants as well as all the amazing folks that stopped by our booth. It was awesome to see all the new equipment. Underwater imaging has a bright future. Jump To A Vendor:AquaticaGatesIkeliteIsottaKeldanNauticamOlympusONEUW StrobeRetraSagaSubalOLYMPUSBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite gear from Olympus here:Olympus TG-5 Compact CameraBUY NOWOlympus PT-058 HousingBUY NOWOlympus E-M5 II Camera Lens Housing BundleBUY NOWOlympus OM-D E-M1 II Mirrorless CameraBUY NOWOlympus PT-EP14 HousingBUY NOWAOI Wetmate Dome & Flat PortsBUY NOWAOI Wetmate Wide & Macro LensesBUY NOWBackscatter M52 Wide Angle LensBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Olympus GearOlympus TG-5 Compact Camera The Olympus TG-5 compact camera continues to dominate underwater photography. The easy-to-use point-and-shoot and the affordable Olympus PT-058 Housings are one of the best selling underwater camera duos in history. Heading into 2019, we can’t wait to see the amazing macro photos and videos our customers capture with the Olympus TG-5. Want to shoot wide angle? Just throw on the Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lens and you’re all set. BUY NOWAOI Wetmate Wide & Macro Lenses Few other manufacturers have as much expertise when it comes to wet lenses as AOI. Some of the best underwater optics have been created by their staff of engineers, including the AOI UWL-09 PRO, the UWL-04 and the AOI UCL-09 +12.5 Close-Up Lens. All of their optics can be mounted to ports using their fast and strong bayonet mounting, the AOI Quick Release System. VIEW AOI WIDE LENSES     VIEW AOI MACRO LENSESAOI Dome & Flat Ports for Olympus Underwater Housings Underwater parts manufacturer AOI continues to offer new port systems for micro 4/3 lenses. Among the latest are the PEN to Olympus OMD adapters, 4-inch glass domes, and additional extension rings. Check with Backscatter for compatibility with your lens and housing. VIEW AOI PORT OPTIONSNAUTICAMBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Nauticam here:Nauticam NA-TG5 HousingBUY NOWNauticam NA-GFX50S HousingBUY NOWNauticam NA-Z7 HousingBUY NOWNauticam NA-R HousingBUY NOWNauticam SMC-1 Macro LensBUY NOWNauticam SMC-2 Macro LensBUY NOWNauticam CMC-1 Macro Lens $370.00BUY NOWNauticam CMC-2-1 Macro Lens $330.00BUY NOWNauticam WWL-1 Wide LensBUY NOWNauticam WACP Wide Lens PortBUY NOWNauticam MWL-1 Wide LensBUY NOWNauticam EMWL-1 Bugeye LensORDER NOWDetails On The Coolest New Nauticam GearNauticam EMWL-1 Extended Macro Wide Lens 1 Want to capture a perspective few in the world have ever seen? Nauticam’s new relay-style probe lens, the Nauticam EMWL-1, allows for an amazing wide-angle view of macro subjects. The 14mm rectilinear lens offers a sharp wide angle optic that can be snuck into cracks and crevices. It’s also a wet lens, so it can be removed mid-dive. ORDER NOWNauticam MWL-1 Wetmate Macro Wide Lens 1 for 60mm Lenses Nauticam’s new do-it-all wet lens, the Nauticam MWL-1, gives underwater shooters the ability to switch between wide angle and macro on the same dive. Compatible with 60mm macro lenses and many compact cameras, the Nauticam MWL-1 can be flipped on and off the front of the port with the available flip adapter. It converts most mid-range lenses to a 150-degree field of view. BUY NOWNauticam NA-Z7 Underwater Housing for Nikon Z7 & Z6 Mirrorless Cameras & Nauticam NA-R Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R Mirrorless CameraCanon EOS R’s and Nikon Z7's new full-frame mirrorless cameras are ready for underwater imaging with Nauticam’s latest housings. Both housings offer full control over camera functions and Nauticam’s legendary ergonomics. Built with Nauticam’s standard full-size port opening, the Nauticam NA-Z7, and Nauticam NA-R housings can be used with N120 ports from any of their DSLR systems. The housings are compatible with EF and Nikkor lenses as well as the new native RF and Z lenses. NAUTICAM NA-Z7 HOUSING     NAUTICAM NA-R HOUSINGAQUATICABack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Aquatica here:Aquatica A7rIII HousingBUY NOWAquatica AGH5 HousingBUY NOWAquatica AD850 HousingBUY NOWAquatica Flash Trigger for CanonBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Aquatica GearAquatica A7rIII Housing for Sony a7 III & a7R III Mirrorless Cameras Adding to Aquatica’s lineup of mirrorless camera housings, the Aquatica A7rIII Housing maintains the company’s rugged and reliable reputation. Available with electronic or fiber optic strobe triggering, the housing can be adapted for use with virtually any underwater lighting. Controls are mapped through the interior, keeping the controls low profile and ergonomic. A variety of port options can accommodate many Sony lenses. BUY NOWAquatica Flash Trigger for Canon 5D II, 5D III, 5DS R, & 5D IV Cameras Fiber optic strobe connections are the choice for many top underwater photographers. The hassle-free system is reliable and easy to use. Aquatica’s throwing their housings into the fiber optic ring with new LED triggers that work with available low-profile fiber optic ports. Starting in 2019, Aquatica Flash Trigger for Canon and Aquatica Flash Trigger for Sony full-frame housings will have an optical option. BUY NOWGATESBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Gates here:Gates Pro Action HousingBUY NOWGates Venus Optics Probe Lens AdapterBUY NOWGates AX700 HousingBUY NOWSaga Double Flip Adapter for GatesBUY NOWGates POV CAM Camera HousingBUY NOWGates POV CAM Recorder HousingBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Gates GearGates Venus Optics Probe Lens Adapter Gates is the first housing company to build a port for the fascinating Venus Optics macro probe lens. As an elongated relay lens, the Gates Venus Optics Probe Lens Adapter offers a unique view of tiny subjects. The long narrow barrel can be snuck into a variety of cracks and crevices. LED lights on the tip can be powered on using a battery pack mounted inside the housing. ORDER NOWGates POV CAM Camera Housing & Gates POV CAM Recorder Housing For hard-to-reach shooting situations, a POV cam can offer a nimble solution. The Gates POV CAM Camera Housing & Gates POV CAM Recorder Housing heavy-duty POV option can be dropped into rugged situations and be controlled remotely from as far away as 20 meters via the waterproof monitor and control board. It shoots in 4K resolution and allows the attachment of an SDI surface feed. BUY NOWIKELITEBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Ikelite here:Ikelite Z7 HousingBUY NOW Ikelite TG-5 HousingBUY NOWIkelite RX100 VI HousingBUY NOWIkelite DL1 Nikonn TTL ConverterBUY NOWIkelite RC1 Olympus & Panasonic TTL ConverterBUY NOWIkelite Trim Weight SystemBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Ikelite GearIkelite DL1 DS Link Nikon TTL Converter Ikelite has long offered options for TTL shooters. Their newest product, the Ikelite DL1 DS Link Nikon TTL converter, makes shooting strobes on auto simple. Users can easily switch between TTL and manual power. The converter uses no additional batteries. It’s compatible with any housing that has Ikelite 5-pin bulkheads, a TTL hot shoe connection, and Ikelite’s DS series strobes. BUY NOWIkelite RC1 Olympus & Panasonic Optical TTL Receiver for DS Strobes Olympus and Panasonic shooters can now optically trigger and utilize TTL with Ikelite’s DS strobes with either the on-camera flash or a hot shoe connection. The Ikelite RC1 device is compatible with the cameras’ built-in RC TTL mode, which is more accurate than typical slave TTL. BUY NOWIkelite Trim Weight System To counter the buoyancy of dome ports, Ikelite released a brand new Ikelite Trim Weight System. The additional weight makes DSLR and mirrorless cameras better balanced and more comfortable to shoot underwater. A simple strap allows the use of most common scuba weights and an adjustment knob moves the weighting forward or back for ideal positioning. The Ikelite Trim Weight System is compatible with Ikelite trays and housings. BUY NOWISOTTABack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Isotta here:Isotta a7R III HousingBUY NOWIsotta D7500 HousingBUY NOWIsotta D850 HousingBUY NOWIsotta GH5 HousingBUY NOWIsotta E-M1 II HousingBUY NOWIsotta TG-5 HousingBUY NOWIsotta GoPro 7 HousingBUY NOWIsotta Goodman HandleBUY NOWIsotta Hand StrapBUY NOW Saga Interchangeable ViewfinderBUY NOWIsotta Carry LanyardBUY NOWIsotta Fast Release Ball MountBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Isotta GearIsotta GoPro 7 Underwater Housing for GoPro HERO5, HERO6 & HERO7 Cameras For deep divers who want to take their new GoPro HERO7 Black, the Isotta aluminum housing is a must. Rated for depths over 600 feet, the Isotta GoPro 7 housing is our pick for protecting the pocket-sized cameras in extreme environments. Machined from anodized aluminum, Isotta GoPro 7 housings are robust and easily operated with heavy gloves. A double O-ring closing mechanism ensures a solid seal. BUY NOWIsotta a7R III Housing for Sony a7 III & a7R III Cameras The Sony a7R III has been popular above and below the surface. The new Isotta a7R III Housing housing for the full-frame mirrorless pulls out all the stops. With a 120mm port opening, the red aluminum housing can accommodate Sony’s wide angle and macro lenses. A large window on the back of the housing gives an exceptional view of the LCD screen and can be adapted for external viewfinders. Isotta’s signature double O-ring closure opens and closes easily. Spare M16 holes on the housing allow the addition of a vacuum system. BUY NOWSAGABack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Saga here: Saga Interchangeable ViewfinderBUY NOWSaga Macro Ring FlashBUY NOWSAGA Trio Macro LensBUY NOWSaga Trio Ring FlashBUY NOWSaga Magic Tube LensBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Saga GearSaga Interchangeable Viewfinder Choosing between a 45-degree or straight viewfinder has always been a challenge...until this year. The new Saga Interchangeable Viewfinders allow underwater photographers to quickly and easily switch between the two styles while diving. The pair of viewfinders comes with a mounting ring that can be ordered to fit a variety of housing brands, including Nauticam, Isotta, Aquatica, Ikelite, Subal, and Sea & Sea. BUY NOWSaga Macro Ring Flash Getting perfect lighting on those tiny macro and super macro subjects is tough. The new Saga Macro Ring Flash offers easy, even illumination using compatible strobes. Fiber optic cables transfer light from the strobe to the ring pattern mounted on the front of the port. Essentially, it turns your underwater flash into a ring flash, eliminating the need to perfectly position your strobe. The Saga Macro Ring Flash is compatible with most popular diopters, including Nauticam SMC-1, Reefnet SubSee Plus 10, and SAGA +10 Lenses. Sea & Sea YD-D1/2 Series     Inon Z330/D200 Series     Inon Z240/D2000 SeriesSAGA Trio Macro Lens The SAGA Trio offers the ultimate flexibility of any underwater macro converter. Its elegant design allows you to flip between 3 different macro powers with a simple flip of your finger. It mounts easily to any macro port with 67mm threads and is a joy to use. BUY NOWSaga Magic Tube Macro Kaleidoscope Lens Looking to add fancy and fun effects to your macro shots? The Saga Magic Tube lens gives a colorful kaleidoscopic ring effect around the center of the frame. Adaptable for use with the Canon 100mm IS or Nikon 105mm VR macro lenses, the tube lens simply threads onto the front of a 67mm macro port. BUY NOWSUBALBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Subal here:Subal ND850 HousingBUY NOWSubal CD5M4 HousingBUY NOWSubal a7III HousingORDER NOWSubal Z7 HousingORDER NOWSubal EOS R HousingORDER NOWSubal Vacuum SystemORDER NOWDetails On The Coolest New Subal GearSubal Vacuum System Starting in 2019, Subal housings will come standard with an installed Subal Vacuum System. A vacuum system guarantees the housing is properly sealed before entering the water. Electronics inside the housing will power indicator lights that show the seal is maintained while underwater. ORDER NOWA Kaleidoscope of Subal Colors Candy apple red? Lime green? Radiant orange? Yes, you can sport your favorite color on your underwater housing. Subal lets new customers choose their finish. The aluminum housings are custom painted to factory specifications. ORDER NOWKeldanBack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Keldan here:Keldan 24X Video LightBUY NOWKeldan 18X Video LightBUY NOWKeldan Remote for 18X & 24X LightsORDER NOWKeldan 8M Video LightBUY NOWKeldan 8X Video LightBUY NOWKeldan 4X Video LightBUY NOWDetails On The Coolest New Keldan GearKeldan Remote for Keldan 18X & 24X Underwater Video Lights For serious underwater videographers, the ability to adjust lighting on the fly was always illusive. Keldan’s new Keldan Remote control system that could control their 18X and 24X lights made waves when the company unveiled it. Keldan hopes to release the technology to the public some time next year and looks forward to incorporating it into their full line of excellent video lights. ORDER NOWONEUWBack to TopDetails On The Coolest New ONEUW Strobe GearONEUW Strobe One 160X Nikon & One 160X Canon Underwater Strobes It’s always exciting to see new strobes hit the market. Italy’s ONEUW Strobe is the newest company to drop a full-sized underwater flash. With a circular flash tube, the ONEUW Strobe One 160X Nikon & One 160X Canon offers very even lighting, a guide number of 20 and an angle of coverage of 130 degrees. Another exciting feature of the 160X is the built-in TTL functionality. The strobe can operate in TTL mode without the addition of an external TTL board with the correct 6-pin cord and bulkhead. ONEUW STROBE FOR NIKON     ONEUW STROBE FOR CANONRETRABack to TopCheck out all of our favorite new gear from Retra at Retra 2018 here:Retra Flash Pro StrobeORDER NOWRetra Flash Prime StrobeORDER NOWRetra Optical ConverterORDER NOWDetails On The Coolest New Retra GearRetra Flash Pro & Retra Flash Prime Underwater Strobe Retra is set to release two new versions of their popular aluminum bodied strobe some time in mid-2019. The two strobes are updates to the version Retra released and then discontinued in early 2018. Both models, the Retra Flash Pro and the Retra Flash Prime, had circular flash tubes. According to the development announcement, the more powerful Retra Flash Pro version of the strobe runs at 150 watts/second while the Retra Flash Prime runs at 100 watts/second. Both versions have dropped the electronic connection and only have fiber optic sync. RETRA FLASH PRO     RETRA FLASH PRIMERetra Optical Converter There’s a new way to switch from electrical to optical strobe triggering, and it’s not a full housing conversion. In a first for underwater photography, Retra is planning on releasing the Retra Optical Converter that will attach to electrical sync cords and allow optical triggering. Meant for the optical-only Retra Prime and Pro strobes, the Retra Optical Converter is expected to work with many popular underwater lighting options. ORDER NOWWhy buy direct from Backscatter?Free lifetime tech support with every purchase. We will beat any advertised price. Free shipping to USA and Canada and low cost international shipping.

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