O-rings for underwater camera housings and strobes

Below is a list of all O-rings for popular underwater camera housings and strobes. If you have an older underwater housing, please call for O-ring availability.

Backscatter No Burp O-ring For TG Housings & M52 Wide Angle Lens


This O-ring kit allows you to eliminate burping the UWL-M52 lens underwater on your TG camera housing. It allows you to pre-seal water from a rinse bucket and eliminates the need to unthread your UWL-M52 lens underwater to “burp” the lens. This O-ring also allows you to shoot split shots (over/under) with a wet lens on your TG housing. You only need 1 O-ring installed, but our kit includes 5 for backup supply.

No-Burp O-rings are NOT required with M52 Air Lens or QRS Mount System