Ultralight Simple Arm PackageUltralight Simple Arm Package: Unlike most strobe and video light arms, Ultralight arms offer easy lighting adjustments without the need to constantly loosen and tighten the flexible joints. Once you're in the water, first loosen each clamp and then gently tighten to the desired tension. On current free dives, you'll be able to grab the strobe head and effortlessly move it into position. If the current picks up, slightly tighten the clamps for a stiffer hold. Ultralight, Simple, Arm, Package, single, Ultralight, Control, Systems, Strobe, Arm, Package, for, Underwater, Cameras, ulcs

Ultralight Simple Arm Package

  • Choice of Strobe/Light Adapter
  • 5-inch Arm
  • 2 Clamps
  • AC-H Handle
  • TR-DM Tray

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Price $189.00

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