Sea & Sea YS-110 alpha DS-TTL StrobeSea & Sea YS-110 alpha DS-TTL Strobe is a TTL strobe with a model name of YS110. The YS-110 alpha DS TTL strobe is a high power underwater strobe.Sea, &, Sea,, YS-110, alpha,, DS-TTL,, Strobe,, YS110,, YS,, 110,, TTL,, YS110, strobe

Sea & Sea YS-110 alpha DS-TTL Strobe

The YS-110 alpha strobe is packed with ground-breaking features designed for the new age of digital photography. The YS-110 alpha TTL strobe is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Price $639.95

This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options.

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Overview / Product Description

Main Features

When its connected via a fiber-optic cable to a compact digital camera with TTL metering, the YS-110 alpha strobe offers DS-TTL (Digital Slave Through-The-Lens) light adjustment. DS-TTL follows the cameras TTL-adjusted flash for automatically accurate flash photography. You can use two YS-110 alpha strobes for creative effects with subtle light balance. For example, you can set one strobe to DS-TTL mode and the second strobe to manual mode. The YS-110 alpha mode compensation function provides a light level control dial for just the right balance of light.

The YS-110 alpha also provides full manual control that sets flash intensity that is independent of the camera. The 12-step manual control provides a finely graded variety of light settings up to a powerful maximum setting of guide number 22. Three xenon tubes positioned in the strobe provide a flat balance all the way across a circular beam angle of 105_(with Diffuser), with even and consistent light that will satisfy even finicky professionals.

The YS-110 alpha contains a high-luminosity white LED target light located in the center of its front face. The target light turns on with a convenient button press on the strobes rear panel, and turns off automatically when the YS-110 alpha flashes. You can connect the strobe to digital SLR cameras and film cameras using the same cables that connect conventional YS-series strobes. You can also connect the strobe to compact digital cameras using a fiber-optic cable.

DS-TTL system

DS-TTL system on YS-110 alpha strobe is Sea & Seas unique slave TTL system with flash exposure compensation. This system is activated only when you are using another main TTL flash/strobe such as a built-in TTL flash of a digital camera or another TTL strobe connected to the camera. A DS-TTL strobe adjusts its flash to match the flash output of the cameras built-in TTL flash or an external TTL strobe so that the cameras TTL sensors regulate total flash output.

To capture images using DS-TTL with a compact digital camera, set the strobes mode switch to TTL, the slave switch to ON, and the light level control dial to FULL position. When you press the cameras shutter button, the main strobe (cameras built-in flash) begins its flash. The DS-TTL sensor detects the flash and starts the YS-110 alpha's flash at the same time. When the digital cameras TTL circuitry detects that the camera has received the proper amount of light, it stops the flash of the main strobe. The DS-TTL sensor detects the end of the main strobes flash and ends the YS-110 alpha's flash at the same time so the total amount of strobe light reaching the camera is exactly the amount that the cameras TTL circuitry determined as correct.

In the DS-TTL mode, you can micro-adjust (dimming only) the light amount Adjust the light level control dial to decrease the light amount when you get an overexposed image for macro photography etc.


Guide Number (ISO 100/land): 22

Beam Angle: 105_x 105_ (with diffuser)

Batteries: 4X AA

Number of Flashes: 320 using NiMH batteries

Recycle time: 1.9 sec. with NiMH batteries

Color temperature: 5,400K

Color temperature w/diffuser: 5,100K

Depth rating: 60m / 200ft

Dimensions (WxHxD): 88x115x150mm / 3.5x4.6x6inch

Weight: 700g / 24.5oz

Underwater weight: -10g /- 0.4oz

Exposure control: DS-TTL, TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 2/2.8/4/5.6/6.7/8/9.5/11/13/16/19/22 (12 steps)

Pre-flash control : Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode (ignores one pre-flash)

Slave function

TTL slave (cordless TTL)

Sync Cord: Detachable Sync Cord with film & digital SLR camera, fiber-optic cable (L-type) with a compact digital camera.

Over-pressure relief valve.

LED target light