Paralenz Dive Camera +Paralenz Dive Camera +: Recordings made underwater are tinted green or blue unless you use a color filter. Paralenz´s patented DCC automatically corrects the colors to match the depth you are at - like having your color filters changed every second. Go diving instead of sitting behind your computer color-grading. Paralenz is the first underwater camera that measures pressure, and it does so once every second. You can display the depth and temperature as an overlay in your videos and pictures, adding a new aspect to the footage.Paralenz, Dive, Camera, action, cam, paralens, para, lenz, lens, +, plus

Paralenz Dive Camera +

  • Rated down to 250m / 820ft
  • DCC - Automated Depth Color Correction
  • Depth & Temperature video overlay
  • Extra long battery life
  • Unique universal mounting options
  • Simple Sharing via mobile app

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