Nauticam 8.5 inch White Balance Acrylic DomeNauticam 8.5 inch White Balance Acrylic DomeNauticam, 8.5, inch, White, Balance, Acrylic, Dome

Nauticam 8.5 inch White Balance Acrylic Dome

Nauticam 8" White Balance Acrylic Dome<br><br> Nauticam white balance port is the first of its kind with a translucent white board build in device. It features an easy and convenient way to calibrate white balance settings underwater.<br><br>

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Overview / Product Description

Nauticam 8" White Balance Acrylic Dome

The whole setting process is as easy as using a grey/white reference card on land, instead of carrying different objects and going on and off land for port changing, with our product, you will just need to close the iris under white balance setting function of the camera, point to the incident light and take a reference shot to allow the camera lock in the particular color temperature, and then open the iris up to take finded view. Photo taken under such circumstances will normally reflect a well color balanced effect.

The 8.5 inches dimension can accommodate large diameter wide angle and fish eye lens to prevent cropped corners from happening.

Technical Data

Construction: Acrylic dome & anodized aluminum alloy body.

Port shade: ABS

Dimension: 234.6 mm x 260.2 mm x 105.3 mm

Weight: 1.573 kg