Ikelite DL Underwater 8 inch Dome Port Dry Lock (DL) port system Attachable directly to housings Modular Design Full Dome for Fisheye or Rectilinear LensesIkelite, DL, Underwater, 8, inch, Dome, Portdry, lock, 200mm

Ikelite DL Underwater 8 inch Dome Port

<ul> <li>Dry Lock (DL) port system</li> <li>Attachable directly to housings</li> <li>Modular Design</li> <li>Full Dome for Fisheye or Rectilinear Lenses</li></ul>

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Overview / Product Description

Ikelite DL Underwater 8 inch Dome Port

An 8 diameter dome made of optical grade acrylic. Comparable quality to glass yet significantly lighter and easier to handle, especially at the surface of the water. Not compatible with external filters.

This port can be attached directly to housings featuring the Dry Lock (DL) port system or combined with DL extensions.

What's Included

  • Dome port
  • Dome shade
  • Neoprene front cover
  • Neoprene rear cover
  • Securing thumbscrews

  • Optical grade acrylic dome
  • Acetyl body
  • Weight 2.2lb (230g)
  • 9.25" diameter x 3.75" (235 x 95mm)
Spare Parts

  • O-ring # 0139.41
  • Silicone lubricant # 0184.2
  • Thumbscrews (set of 3) # 9249.7
  • Neoprene front cover # 0200.82
  • Neoprene rear cover # 0200.83
  • NOVUS polish kit # nv-kit