Gates GT14 Underwater Video Light & Spare Battery PackageGates GT14 Underwater Video Light & Spare Battery Package: Gates GT14 14,000 Lumen Underwater Imaging Light: Advancing the frontier of underwater lighting, the Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light unites many practical features into a compact, travelable package. Up to 14,000 lumens of light into a wide, even 90° beam angle. A big, glove-sized Power Ring rotates through 5 light levels that include a very low scouting mode for night diving just enough to see, navigate and set up a shot. Fuel gauge and Light Level indicators are mirrored to provide a quick glance reading from either side. Water cooling contact just behind the LED arrays enables higher efficiencies for peak lumens output and longer burn times. Batteries are easily changed and charge in 3 hours. Gates, GT-14, Underwater, Video, Light, &, Spare, Battery, Package, Gates, GT14, 14,000, Lumen, Underwater, Imaging, LightVideo, g, t, 1, 4, gt, 14, gt-14, 14000

Gates GT14 Underwater Video Light & Spare Battery Package

Package Includes:

  • Gates GT14 Light
  • 2x Gates GT14 Batteries
  • Gates GT14 Charger
  • Gates GT14 1-inch Ball Mount

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