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Sea & Sea YS-27DX Strobe

<b>DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please see our used link for possible availability</b><br><br><br><br>The New YS-27DX strobe is a compact and affordable manual strobe for most digital cameras in the market.

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Price $349.95

This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options.

Price $349.95

This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options.

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Overview / Product Description

DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please see our used link for possible availability

The new YS-27DX strobe is designed for multipurpose underwater photography. This new strobe has beam angle of 105_ x 84_ and a guide number of up to 20 (ISO 100 / m) / 66 (ISO 100 /feet), providing spread and power for subjects that range from wide-angle to macro.

The light level control dial of the YS-27DX has nine different light level controls, which increments from a minimum power of GN 1.7 to a maximum power of GN 20 (1EV step). The light level control dial makes you to take ideal pictures, precisely adjustable to get just the right amount of light for the subject at hand.

The YS-27DX offers a pre-flash cancel mode (*1) that ensures the strobe won't fire prematurely when used with digital cameras that emit a small pre-flash burst before the main flash. This strobe is compatible with most digital cameras that have a pre-flash. An optional fiber-optic cable accurately synchronizes the strobe with your digital camera's built-in flash.

The YS-27DX's power source is four AA batteries, which provide strength and endurance for a full day's shooting without changing batteries. The recycle time of YS-27DX with using 2700mAh nickel-metal-hydride batteries is only two seconds, providing speedy recovery for a rapid series of images. SEA&SEA adopts the delaprism, which spread soft and delicate lighting of subjects, for YS-27DX.The YS-27DX is an ideal slave sub-strobe for adigital SLR camera housing. It detects light from the main strobe's flash and immediately fires insync with the main strobe.

  • Guide Number (ISO 100/land) : 20
  • Beam Angle : 105_ x 84_
  • Batteries 4xAA : A: 6V / O: 6V / Ni-MH: 4.8V
  • Number of Flashes*1 : A: 350 / O: 420 / Ni-MH: 490
  • Recycle time (full)*2 : A: 2.5 / O: 2 / Ni-MH: 2
  • Color temperature : 5500K
  • Color temperature w/diffuser : 5200K
  • Depth rating : 60m / 200ft
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 87x122x135mm / 3.4x4.8x5.3inch
  • Weight : 540g / 19oz
  • Under water weight : -40g / -1.4oz
  • Exposure control: Light-level control from GN 1.7 to GN 20 (in 9 increments) with a manual controller
  • Pre-flash control:Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode (ignores one pre-flash)4Slave function
  • Sync cord: Fiber-optic cable for the YS-25 with a compact digital camera
  • Over-pressure relief valve