Backscatter Mini Flash 1 Underwater Strobe MF-1Backscatter Mini Flash 1 Underwater Strobe MF-1: Most of the conventional wisdom surrounding underwater strobes is that brighter and wider always equals better. If you're shooting macro underwater photography, you want the exact opposite. You want a tightly controlled light to pinpoint the subject and keep the background as dark as possible. The Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1 is the perfect light + snoot combination for any serious underwater macro photographer. Its tiny size can get into the tightest spots and the companion Optical Snoot OS-1 makes it the perfect macro strobe to give you the creativity you've been missing. Backscatter, Mini, Flash, 1, Underwater, Strobe, MF-1, mf, 1, mf1, miniflash, macro

Backscatter Mini Flash 1 Underwater Strobe MF-1

  • Compact yet powerful flash
  • Great for compact camera shooters
  • Easiest macro strobe for compact, mirrorless, and SLR
  • Optional Optical Snoot for more creativity
Battery & Charger NOT Included. 

SKU: # bs-mf-1

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