Backscatter Mini Flash 1 & Optical Snoot Combo PackageBackscatter Mini Flash 1 & Optical Snoot Combo Package: Using a strobe with a snoot was once really difficult. Aiming a snoot took lots of practice. We designed the Mini Flash and Optical Snoot together with the purpose of making shooting with a snoot as easy as possible. With bright LED lights that project the same beam pattern as the flash through the snoot, you can easily see the exact placement of the snoot beam on your subject when framing a shot and know you are hitting your target. Have a critter that doesn’t like a constant light on all the time? Use our short duration modeling flash to check your snoot placement without continuously disturbing a light sensitive critter. Backscatter, Mini, Flash, 1, &, Optical, Snoot, Combo, Package, bs-mf-1, mf-1, bs-os-1, pro, miniflash, macro

Backscatter Mini Flash 1 & Optical Snoot Combo Package

Package Includes:

  • Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1
  • Backscatter Optical Snoot OS-1
  • Compact yet powerful flash
  • Great for compact camera shooters
  • Easiest macro strobe for compact, mirrorless, and SLR
  • Easiest To Use Macro Strobe + Snoot Combination
  • LED aiming light from the Backscatter Mini Flash shows exactly where the flash will hit
  • Brightest Aiming Light of Any Snoot
  • Aperture Cards adjust the size of the light beam
  • Circular & Oval Aperture Cards included
  • Rotate the snoot to adjust the shape of the beam with the Oval card
  • Depth Rated: 100m/330ft
Battery & Charger NOT Included. 

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