Backscatter Light & Motion GoBe 1000 Action KitBackscatter Light & Motion GoBe 1000 Action Kit: The GoBe Action 1000 Dual Video Light Package is an excellent combo for the GoPro and other compact camera systems. With dual video lights, you will be able to cover a larger area with very even light. The GoBe 1000 lumen lights will work great in both day and night dives. Make sure you take advantage of this package! Package Includes: 2x GoBe 850 Wide Lights 2x Flex Arms Backscatter Dual Handle GoPro Tray Backscatter, Light, &, Motion, GoBe, 1000, Action, Kit, underwater, video, light, gopro, hero4, hero5, 4, 5, 3, 3+, hero, hero3, hero3+, flip, filters, flip5, flip4

Backscatter Light & Motion GoBe 1000 Action Kit

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