Backscatter 12-inch Flex Arm with YS AdapterBackscatter 12-inch Flex Arm with YS Adapter: Twelve articulated Loc-LIne ball and socket joints allow the strobe to be placed in almost any position and can be lengthened or shortened to suit your shooting needs. These arms are free from clamps and other controls that can catch on kelp and hoses and make for a very streamlined macro system. Backscatter, 12-inch, Flex, Arm, with, YS, Adapter, end, loc, line, locline, lock-line, ¾, 3/4, inch, ¾-inch, 3/4-inch

Backscatter 12-inch Flex Arm with YS Adapter


  • 12 ¾-inch Loc-Line ball and socket joints
  • YS ¾-inch Loc-Line Adapter
  • ¾-inch Loc-Line Base
  • ¼-20 inch Bolt & Nut

SKU: # bs-fa-a
Price $39.99