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500 | 5 | 2017-05-17T00:00-07:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Olympus TG-5 and PT-058 Underwater Housing First Look & Detail

Olympus was able to get us an early release of the new Tough TG-5 camera and PT-058 housing. While we haven’t had it in the water yet, we were able to get some topside comparisons with the previous mo...

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50 | 5 | 2017-07-23T00:00-07:00 | Trips & Classes

Whale Sharks - Isla Mujeres, Mexico - July 23-28, 2017

This special trip is limited to a total of six divers including Berkley. We now have two spots available! Join Berkley White for one of the greatest spectacles in the sea. Each year hundreds of whal...

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5 | 200 | 2017-05-10T00:00-07:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Panasonic GH5 Underwater Camera & Housing Review

We tested the Panasonic GH5 in our home waters of Monterey, CA and traveled halfway across the globe to Anilao, Philippines. Our main goal was to see if it would perform a manual custom white balance ...

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5 | 2 | 2017-01-01T00:00-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Best Underwater Compact Cameras for 2016

Updated in March 2016! We reviewed dozens of options and picked the best cameras suited for underwater photography. Top rated cameras for our 2016 review include the GoPro HERO5, Olympus TG-4, Sony RX...

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5 | 300 | 2016-05-13T00:00-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Nikon D500 Underwater Camera Review

The D500 is Nikon’s long awaited update to the D300. With blazing shooting speed and Nikon’s first dive into 4K video, see how this camera performs in the water in our full review with images and vide...

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4 | 1 | 2015-09-14T00:00-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Sony a7R Mark II Underwater Review

The Sony A7R Mark II is a full frame mirrorless camera that shoots 42 MP stills, 4K video, and has low light capability that is second only to the best low light camera ever, the Sony A7S. Can the new...

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3 | 300 | 2016-06-10T00:00-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Canon 1Dx Mark II Underwater Camera Review

Here at Backscatter we are fortunate to have a large customer base of professional underwater filmmakers. This year our conversations have revolved around three cameras: Red Weapon/EPIC Dragon, Sony...

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2 | 300 | 2017-02-01T00:00-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

Best GoPro Underwater Filter and Macro Lens - Filter Solutions for GoPro 3, 3+, 4 & 5

The Flip Filter System by Backscatter provides you with the most comprehensive filter kit available. We've got you covered underwater with color correction, lens correction as well as topside len...

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1 | 0 | 2016-09-30T11:30-08:00 | Gear Guides & Reviews

GoPro HERO5 Hands-on Underwater Review

We've put the new GoPro HERO5 through a series of test dives and have explored all the menus. Watch the videos below for an overview of new features and great underwater footage.

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1 | 0 | 2016-07-11 | How to Articles

Manta Flight with Berkley White

Berkley White, owner of Backscatter, shares his meditation on mantas and top shooting techniques.

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