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Backscatter GoPro Underwater Solutions

The Ultimate GoPro Underwater Color Correction Filters

The new Backscatter Flip 3.1 filter system featuring Top Flip, <a href='' class='standard'>DIVE</a> and <a href='' class='standard'>DEEP</a> filters

The All New Flip3.​1 Filter System

We've taken our wildly popular Flip3 design to the next level! The all new Flip 3.1 features a universal filter shape that works with either the side hinge or the new Top Flip hinge assembly.

The Flip3.1 System features the same professional craftsmanship of our previous models, including an optional Top Flip for added flexibility. Bring two filters on a dive, and change them with a flip! Outfit your GoPro Hero3+ with SHALLOW, DIVE, and DEEP filters, or add any other filter via our 55mm Threaded Adapter.

Flip3.​1 Features
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction
  • Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control
  • Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design
  • Unobstructed view of front LCD display
  • Easy front camera button access with thick gloves
  • Open the camera housing without removing filter
  • Fumble-free flip design means you'll never lose a filter
  • No vignetting in any underwater shooting mode
  • Optional TOP FLIP accessory allows use of additional filters
  • SHALLOW, DIVE, and DEEP filters can be added to either side or Top Flip
  • 55mm Threaded Adapter provides the ultimate filter solution; easily add a polarizer, split neutral density, or any other filter to your GoPro for topside or underwater use

LEARN MORE OR PLACE AN ORDER: The Flip3.1 Side Flip with DIVE Filter

<a href='' class='standard'>Flip3.1</a> Top Flip accessory

New TOP ​FLIP is Compatible with both Flip3 and Flip3.​1

The TOP FLIP accessory is awesome because it allows you to take multiple filters on the same dive and switch between them with a flip of a finger. The TOP FLIP is backward compatible with our legacy Flip3 frame, so if you already own the Flip3, you are set to go.


<a href='' class='standard'>SHALLOW</a>, <a href='' class='standard'>DIVE</a>, AND <a href='' class='standard'>DEEP</a> FILTERS

New SHA​LLOW, DI​VE, and D​EEP Filters!

The standard Flip3 and Flip3.1 filter offers the best color on the market. However, we've had many requests for filters optimized for shallow and deep water use. The DIVE filter is the standard filter that comes with all Flip3 and Flip3.1 frames and provides optimal color between 20-50 feet. The new SHALLOW filter is optimized for use between 5 and 20 feet. The more saturated DEEP filter is calibrated for great results at 50 feet and deeper when water visibility is excellent. With the new Flip3.1 filter frame, you will be able to mix and match all new filters from top to side mount. Flip3 customers can simply purchase a Top Flip to add the Shallow and Deep filters to their system.

Watch this video to see comparisons between no filter, the DIVE filter, and DEEP filter at various depths.

<a href='' class='standard'>DEEP</a> Filter showing engraving

Our new filters are individually laser etched with their name and recommended depths, making it easy to tell them apart.

LEARN MORE OR PLACE AN ORDER: SHALLOW FILTER (5-20 Feet) DIVE Filter (20-50 Feet) DEEP Filter (50+ Feet)

Save 10% on the Flip3.​1 Combo Package!

We feel that customers will benefit from having the flexibility of our complete filter system, so we are offering a 10% discount when purchasing the Flip3.1 with TOP FLIP, SHALLOW, DIVE, and DEEP filters. Prepare yourself for every bluewater shooting situation, and get the most out of your GoPro.

LEARN MORE OR PLACE AN ORDER: The Complete Combo Package

Backscatter <a href='' class='standard'>55mm Threaded Adapter</a> for <a href='' class='standard'>Flip3.1</a> System

55​mm Threaded Adapter for Complete Flexibility

In addition to our custom filters, we are also offering a 55mm Threaded Adapter which will allow you to mount any filter to the Flip3.1 frame or TOP FLIP. This is perfect for those critical topside applications requiring a polarizer or split neutral density filter. The 55mm adapter is backward compatible with the original Flip3 frame via the Top Flip accessory and can be mounted on top or side positions with the Flip3.1.

LEARN MORE OR PLACE AN ORDER: The 55mm Threaded Adapter

Flip3 Trade-in Program for $29.95

Flip3 owners will be able to use all the new filters using a TOP FLIP. Thus, the only reason to upgrade from a Flip3 to a Flip3.1 is the added flexibility to swap filters from side and top mount positions. However, if you would like to upgrade from a Flip3 to Flip3.1, we can ship you a new Flip3.1 frame and DIVE filter for $29.95 plus shipping. Please call us for details about our trade-in program.

Accessorize your GoPro System: The All New Double Handle and Tray

Backscatter Custom GoPro Handle and Tray

In order to combat the shaky footage that is inevitable from trying to hold such a small camera, we've launched an all new Double Handle & Tray system that allows for easy mounting of various lighting systems. Featuring a comfortable foam grip, the Double Handle & Tray system includes a tripod mount for mounting the GoPro directly, and also offers the option of using the quick release mount with adhesive that comes with all Hero3 cameras. The Double Handle & Tray has holes drilled out where an Ultralight or Locline mount can easily be installed, making it the perfect platform for adding Light & Motion Sola Lights to your GoPro system. In our testing, we found that keeping both hands on the tray adds even more stability, helping you deliver rock solid footage. We will continue selling our Single Handle & Tray system as well, for customers who want an even more compact setup.

LEARN MORE OR PLACE AN ORDER: Double Handle & Tray or Single Handle & Tray

Questions on which GoPro is best for you?

We can help you select your first underwater camera or assist you in mounting a GoPro to your existing underwater camera system. Please call our expert staff. We know GoPro better than any underwater company.

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