Lightroom 5 Tutorial - CreatingFocus (Quick Fix)

Custom vignettes using the graduated filter and new radial filter Q: This picture was taken with my old camera gear, but I've never captured as good a pose. How can I perfect this shot? Color? Sharpening? A: Color and Selective Sharpening will help, but you can create focus and punch with the help of a vignette. The human eye is drawn to contrast before color, and to light areas before dark ones. Adding a vignette that darkens the edges of the frame can help to create focus and draw the viewer's eye right smack to the subject. Besides the basic Post-Crop Vignette slider, Lightroom provides us with a bunch of bitchin tools with which to build custom vignettes.
Don't get carried away though - I've seen plenty of otherwise lovely images ruined by too-heavy vignetting. The effect should manifest at a nearly subconscious level, or it will create distraction instead of focus.

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