GoPro Underwater Red Filter

Backscatter is your expert resource on the GoPro Hero camera, including the best options for using it underwater. We have an exciting new line of flip up underwater red filters for GoPro Hero 1, 2, and 3. Our latest Flip3 filter features a second filter mount and macro lens. Have a GoPro question? Give us a call!

Backscatter Flip3 Underwater Color Correction Filter for GoPro Hero3 Housing


<b>A complete filter and lens system for GoPro Hero3</b><br>The all new Backscatter Flip3 System has the same professional craftsmanship of our previous models, but features a smaller size and optional second flip filter on top. Outfit your GoPro Hero3 with both a shallow water and deep water flip filter and even a sharp macro lens for detail shots on the reef. <a href="#samplevideo">Watch sample video below.</a> <br><ul><li>Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction</li><li>Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control</li><li>Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design</li><li>Unobstructed view of front LCD display</li><li>Easy front camera button access with thick gloves</li><li>Open the camera housing without removing filter</li><li>Fumble-free flip design means you'll never loose a filter</li><li>No vignetting in any underwater shooting mode</li><li>Optional top flip deep water filter, macro lens, and 55mm threaded filter mounts (coming soon)</li></ul><b>Backscatter Flip3 is only compatible with the GoPro Hero3 housing. For Hero2 please see</b> <a href="">Backscatter Flip2 Filter for GoPro Hero2</a><br><br><br><br><center><font size="4"><font color="red"><b>This version of the filter is no longer available. For Hero3 filters, please see</b> <a href="">Backscatter Flip3.1 Filter System</a></center></font size="4"></font color="red">

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