Xit 404 Twist Clamp Tripod Leg

This leg is 8 inches long, but can expand to a full 18 inches with the simple turn of a t-bolt. To adjust the position of this tripod leg, simply twist the leg to loosen the built in clamp, and twist back to tighten it in the new position. No more messing with clamps with both hands, this is an easy task to do one handed! This ability makes the Xit 404 Twist Clamp Tripod Leg flexible enough to handle sandy/silty flats to rocky bottoms and walls. Good macro video requires a tripod, so make sure you have the flexibility to take it anywhere you dive. The foot is made of Delrin to survive heavy abuse. The Twist Clamp fits on any standard 1" diameter ball. Sliding parts are made from aluminum and hard anodized for long life.

SKU: # xit-tl200201
Price $175.00