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Subal ND3 Underwater Housing for Nikon D3, & D3xThe Subal ND3 housing for Nikon D3 and Nikon D3x will feature the same design and ergonomics of the popular ND2 housing for the Nikon D2x. A new larger bayonet port opening will be an option. More details coming soon...Subal, ND3, Underwater, Housing, for, Nikon, D3,, &, D3x

Subal ND3 Underwater Housing for Nikon D3, & D3x

The Subal ND3 housing for Nikon D3 & D3x features the same design and ergonomics of the popular ND2 housing for the Nikon D2x.

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Price $4,588.50
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Overview / Product Description

Elegant Mechanical Design

Subal is well known for their attention to detail and elegant design. The new ND3 underwater housing will certainly feature these famous Subal chararistics. A precise camera mounting tray for easy and repeatable camera installation. Regularly used controls feature large knobs and ergonomic placement, while less used controls are accessible but neatly tucked out of the way.

Corrosion Prevention

Subal underwater housings have always been the cleanest housings in our used department. Subal's hard anodizing and paint coatings hold up to serious abuse. This unique design minimizes electrolysis corrosion by keeping dissimilar metals well isolated. Even when rode hard and put away wet, we find that most Subal housings only require a service every 3 years under average use.

Port and Gear Selection

Subal offers the largest selection of lens ports and zoom gears on the market. All ports are made of optical glass and can be cleaned with a t-shirt without scratching. The wide port is weighty, but Subal's stylish use of plastic mounts gives them the lightest macro ports available.

NEW FOR 2008 - optional larger port bayonet

The new Canon 16-35mm zoom lens has an 82mm filter size and will not fit in current Subal ports. Thus, Subal will now offer a new larger port bayonet and a new line of ports. These ports are not currently required for Nikon users, but will be an option on all new housings from Subal.Optional GS 180 Viewfinder

The Subal housings come standard with a good viewfinder magnifier, but the optional GS 180 Viewfinder offers the equivalent magnification of a Nikon Action Finder through a bright optical prism. The GS finder also stands off the back of the housing enough to allow better regulator clearance. Try the GS viewfinder once and you'll never be able to live without it.

Optional Strobe Connectors

Strobe connectors (bulkheads) are available in 3 types: Nikonos, Ikelite, and 6-pin. Most of our customers choose the Nikonos type connector for use with all standard underwater strobes.