Saga 45° Angled Wet-Mate Interchangeable ViewfinderSaga 45° Angled Wet-Mate Interchangeable Viewfinder: The 45° viewfinder extends without changing the size of the viewfinder image (x1.0) and does not provide any vignette even through a mask. The eyepiece is inclined at 45°, so it is very useful for holding at low angles, to make comfortable captures, for example, a sand goby. It is also fully adjustable at 365º to adapt to a low shooting angle with a vertical composition. Saga, 45°, Angled, Wet-Mate, Interchangeable, Viewfinder

Saga 45° Angled Wet-Mate Interchangeable Viewfinder

Wet-Mate Interchangeable Viewfinder
45° Magnified View
Works with All Saga Wet-Mate Viewfinder Adapters

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