RGBlue System02 V.2 Underwater Video LightCombining a powerful suite of reliability-oriented functions with stylish, ergonomic designs, these lighting systems are optimized to handle the risks associated with diving and underwater shooting. An original bayonet mechanism is provided so there is no need to worry about twisting an O-ring when two modules are connected. A reliable recovery mechanism protects the light from water penetration and leaks. A backup lighting mechanism prevents the light from going out if the battery runs out. RGBlue, System02, V.2, Underwater, Video, Light

RGBlue System02 V.2 Underwater Video Light

  • Various accessories are available to let you obtain maximum results with a minimum system.
  • Lenses, Snoot, and Blade to control the irradiation angle and distribution.
  • Optical Filters to adjust colors and amounts of light.
  • A variety of connection arms/adapters enable the system to be mounted on a shooting kit.

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