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Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video
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Backscatter Videos: Cold Water Diving with the GoPro Hero4 Black & Flip Filters

Shot in British Columbia using Greenwater Flip Filters, Macromate Mini & CloseFocus +10 Lenses on the new GoPro Hero4 Black.

Backscatter Videos: Macromate Mini - Macro Video with your GoPro Hero3+

The MacroMate Mini. is the only true macro lens for GoPro. Get Stunning Macro Video Underwater with your GoPro Hero3+

Backscatter Videos: 1DC Underwater 4K Footage - by Joel Penner

Our multimedia guru, Joel Penner shot this with a Canon 1DC Camera in 4K Ultra High Definition. Shot in Bonaire, Mexico Cenotes, Isla Mujeres, and Komodo, Indonesia. Nauticam 1DC/1DX Housing.

Backscatter Videos: Macromate Mini - First Look and Details

In this thorough first look, Berkley White and Michael Tamayo introduce you to the new MacroMate Mini.

Backscatter Videos: Canon 1DC Underwater Video - Joel Penner

A video short captured with the Canon 1DC 4K cinema camera in a Nauticam Housing. All footage captured at The Digital Shootout in Bonaire, June 2013.

Backscatter Videos: Flip3.1 The Ultimate Filter System for GoPro Hero3

Introducing the Flip3.1 Perfect Underwater Color... With a Flip. Read more about the Flip3.1.

Backscatter Videos: Sony RX100 - Underwater Compact Cameras 2012

This video shows the underwater video potential of the Sony RX100 compact camera. Read more about the best underwater compact cameras. This video was shot on location in Wakatobi, Indonesia by Sterling Zumbrunn using the Nauticam NA-RX100 housing, a Fisheye FIX UWL-28 ultra-wide lens, and Keldan Luna 8 video lights.

Backscatter Videos: The Backscatter Custom GoPro Housing

The stock GoPro housing is blurry underwater.  Our glass lens is razor sharp and features underwater removable filters. Check out this video reel shot with our custom housing.

Backscatter Videos: Weekend With Manatees

A video short featuring the manatees in Three Sisters Springs, Florida.
All footage shot with Backscatter Custom GoPro Housings.

Backscatter Videos: Bahamas Dolphins with the Canon 5D MKII

Video footage shot in the Bahamas with a Canon 5D Mark II, and Dive X Scooter

Backscatter Videos: Shoal of Scad in Bonaire - Joel Penner

Backscatter web guru, Joel Penner, shot this video with his Canon 5D mark II using the new Gates VL24 Lights while in Bonaire at The Digital Shootout.

Backscatter Videos: Lembeh 2011 - Berkley White

This video by Berkley White (owner of Backscatter) was shot with a Canon 5D mark II in an Aquatica 5D Mark II underwater housing. Read more in our Trip Report.

Backscatter Videos: The Pegasus Thruster - Berkley White

Video shot during the Digital Shootout, with the Canon 5D mark II Aquatica housing, Dive X Scooter and new Gates VL24 Lights.

Backscatter Videos: Komodo 2011 - Rusty Sanoian

Backscatter salesperson Rusty Sanoian traveled in September and captured this amazing footage with his Canon 5D Mark II in a Subal housing, lit using the Gates VL-24 video lights.

Backscatter Videos: Two Days in Wakatobi

Canon 7D Raw Clips shot while in Wakatobi.

Backscatter Videos: The Tibbetts Wreck

Our video shot during the Digital Shootout, with the Canon 5D Mark II, and Dive X Scooter

Backscatter Videos: T2i Camera Testing

Backscatter Technical Expert Sterling Zumbrunn shot this Canon T2i footage on the 2010 Backscatter Cocos and Wetpixel Whale Shark expeditions.

Backscatter Videos: Rusty Sanoian's DiveX Video

Rusty Sanoian shot this POV scooter video while in Little Cayman with a Dive X Scooter.

Backscatter Videos: T2i Camera Testing

Jim Decker, CEO of Backscatter shot this Canon T2i test footage while in Little Cayman.

Backscatter Videos: The Life of a Grouper

Our Web guy, Joel Penner, shot this video while at Little Cayman during the Digital Shootout, with a Canon 24mm Lens on a Canon 5D Mark II

Backscatter Videos: Canon 5D MKII with Keldan Luna Lights

Backscatter's Rusty Sanoian shot this Octopus video on a night dive at the Digital Shootout, with the Canon 5D Mark II

Backscatter Videos: Maldives Manta Bay

Maldives Manta Bay - Shot by Dan Baldocchi with a Canon 5D Mark II. Join us on this year's Maldiives Trip.

Backscatter Videos: Canon 5d mk II and T2i Footage

Jim Decker's video footage shot with the Canon 5D Mark II and T2i

Backscatter Videos: Nauticam - Tutorial

How to install a Nauticam 180 degree Viewfinder.

Backscatter Videos: Nauticam - Tutorials

Working with Nauticam Zoom and Focus Rings.

Backscatter Videos: Nauticam - Tutorials

Working with Nauticam Locking Ports and Extension Rings.

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