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Ultralight Simple Arm Package
Our Simple Package is the perfect solution for a single strobe system. A favorite among those wanting to ditch their stock arm, but need simplicity and a compact travel size.
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Please Choose Strobe/Light Adapter Type
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AD-SS - Fits Sea and Sea, Olympus, Epoque, Sea Life strobes and Fisheye lights    
AD-SSL - Same as above but a longer version    
AD-IN - Fits Inon strobes    
AD-125 - Fits Ikelite DS-161, DS-160, DS-125, DS-51, DS-50, MS, and MV strobes    
AD-UK - Fits Underwater Kinetics lights    
AD-NR - Fits Nite Rider lights    
AD-NANO - Fits Hartenberger lights    
AD-IKV - Fits Ikelite Pro 8 lights    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Please Choose Strobe/Light Adapter Type
Clamp Type:
The clamps hold the arms and adapters together. This is for a set of 2 clamps.
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AC-CSF - Ultralight New Style Clamp - 15 degrees side movement    
AC-CSB - Ultralight Large Clamp for use with Buoyancy Arms    
AC-CSL - Ultralight Large Longer Clamp for use with Focus Lights    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Clamp Type:
Please Choose Arm Length
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DB-05 - 5 inch Double Ball Arm    
DB-08 - 8 inch Double Ball Arm    
DB-12 - 12 inch Double Ball Arm    
DB-03 - 3 inch Double Ball Arm    
DB-16 - 16 inch Double Ball Arm    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Please Choose Arm Length
Please Choose Base Adapter Type
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AC-H - Handle w/ Ball and Grip - Great for Nikonos, Sea and Sea, and Ultralight Trays    
BA-AQW - AQ Base - UL trays, most housing handles    
BA-TG - T-Groove Base Adapter - slips over T-plates which are stock plates on Sea and Sea, Subal, and Nexus Housings - recommended over dovetails    
BA-IK - Ikelite Release Handle Adapter - standard on all new Ikelite digital and SLR housings    
Nauticam M10 strobe mounting ball    
AD-8MM - 8mm stud and ball    
AD-6MM - 6mm stud and ball    
AD-38162 - 3/8-16 Thread Adapter - for stock Nikonos and Sea and Sea trays, and old style Ikelite housing handles    
AD-14202 - 1/4-20 Thread Adapter    
BA-DT - Dovetail Adapter - male, fits in Dovetail Plate, stock Tetra    
BA-AD - Angled Dovetail Apapter - male,fits in Dovetail Plate, stock Tetra    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Please Choose Base Adapter Type
Please Choose Base Plate Type
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None - My housing already has a plate or I am using a threaded base from above    
TR-D - Ultralight Tray for Canon, Epoc, Fantasea - 1 threaded hole on the housing    
TR-DM - Ultralight Tray for Ikelite Compact, Nauticam, Fisheye, Recsea and Olympus PEN - 2 or more threaded holes    
TR-V - Ultralight Tray for Epoque, Canon, and Patima Video Housings    
BA-TP - T-Groove Plates - for UL Trays, most housing handles - recommended over dovetails    
BA-DB - Dovetail Plate - female, for UL Trays, most housing handles    
BA-SU - Subal Dovetail Plate - female, metric threads    
BA-SU-D - Subal Double Dovetail Plate - female metric threads    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Please Choose Base Plate Type
Add Floatation to the system:
Stix Large Float for ULCS Arms    
Stix Jumbo Float for ULCS Arms    
Ultralight Simple Arm Package Add Floatation to the system:

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Unlike most strobe and video light arms, Ultralight arms offer easy lighting adjustments without the need to constantly loosen and tighten the flexible joints. Once your in the water, first loosen each clamp and then gently tighten to the desired tension. On current free dives you'll be able to grab the strobe head and effortlessly move it into position. If the current picks up, slightly tighten the clamps for a stiffer hold.

Their unique holding power comes from an o-ring gripper that circles the ball and insures a tight fit with the clamp. All Ultralight parts are precision machined from aluminum and hard anodized to prevent corrosion. These arms are basically maintenance free, but we recommend to clean and grease the stainless clamp bolts at least once a year for maximum performance. See our listing for Lanacote Grease.

Most of our customers call this system an adult erector set. In fact, you can adapt these arms to just about anything and lengthen or shorten them for each job. Our Simple Arm Package is a basic set that will get you started. Eventually, most of our customers choose to add a second arm and clamp to increase the versatility of the system.

Our Double Arm Package features these extra components and allows you to fold the arm back on its self for tight spaces or stretch out for the wide shot. To purchase, select the appropriate adapters for your strobe and camera below. Select a long arm for wide angle, a short one for macro, or run down the middle for both.

SKU: ul-simplearm

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