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AOI RGBlue System02 Underwater Video Light aoi-system02.jpg
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AOI RGBlue System02 Underwater Video Light
Building on the System01, the RGBlue System 02 is a more powerful video light with all of the features that RGBlue have brought to the table. With interchangeable batteries and light heads, not to mention that they are both water sealed, you will have one of the best lights currently on the market.
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AOI RGBlue System02 Underwater Video Light

What do divers want from an underwater light source? What do they expect of the diving equipment they use? And how do we reconcile lighting requirements with the unique needs of underwater equipment. These are the key questions the Japan-based product development team of RG Blue focused on when designing their exclusive line of underwater lights. The result is the System Series, a new standard in underwater lighting that features faithful color reproduction supported by a unique set mechanisms that protect the equipment against water and prevent leaks.

High-quality COB (Chip On Board) LED
System Series models employ a single-source type COB (Chip On Board) LED. The COB LED emits light from a single plane, eliminating the problems that plague multi-LED light sources such as irregular light distribution from center to periphery, color irregularity, and the multi-shadow effect.

High-index color rendition and optimum color temperature ensure natural reproduction of underwater colors
The light emitted by System Series models achieves a high color rendering index of Ra80 and a color temperature of 5000K, making it possible to bring out the full, natural colors of objects underwater with a fidelity closely resembling that of colors produced under normal sunlight  something that has not been possible with high-power LED lights until now.

Flat light distribution with 100° emission angle, top-level light intensity, condenser lens for double illuminance.
Flat light is distributed evenly throughout the emission angle of 100°, providing sufficient light for shooting movies, as well as for wide-angle shooting. While light intensity is already high enough to provide more than enough illuminance for most applications, it can be further increased by using a condenser lens that reduces the light distribution angle to 60°.

Modularized system with one-touch connection/disconnection capability
Each underwater light consists of two modules  the light source (Light Module) and the power supply (Battery Module). An original bayonet mechanism allows the two modules to be easily connected and disconnected. This design offers users more flexibility, allowing them to keep multiple spare batteries on hand or to connect a System 01 module with a System 02 module.

Independent waterproofing for each module with recovery mechanism helps protect against water penetration and leaks
The inner lid of each module is provided with an IPX6 equivalent waterproof mechanism. In addition, protection circuitry keeps the electrical contacts from corroding, preventing failure and ensuring safe, reliable underwater operation.

Simple operation, perfect safety mechanisms
Just two pushbuttons are all thats needed for intuitive control of the standby, ON/OFF, 4-step brightness control and non-step brightness control. Remaining battery power is indicated with a 4-color LED indicator.

Safety mechanisms cover a wide range of risk factors, and include a function that reduces light to minimum intensity when remaining battery power drops to 5% to prevent sudden light extinction when the battery powers down, as well as an overheat control, overcharge/over-discharge prevention, short-circuit protection, and over-pressure valve.

Product Specifications
  • Light source: LED
  • Emission angle: 100° (60° with the condenser lens)
  • Color temperature: Approx. 5,000K
  • Color rendering inde: x Ra80
  • Total luminous flux: LED: 2700 lm. Product power: Max. 2000 lm in 4-step brightness control, max. 2500 lm in non-step brightness control.
  • Operating environment: Underwater. Note: If the light is lit continuously on land, the high temperature triggers the safety device to dim or extinguish the light.
  • Brightness control: 4 steps (600 lm/1000 lm/1500 lm/2000 lm), non-step (400 lm to 2500 lm)
  • LED indication:
    • Remaining battery: Blue  Purple  Yellow  Red.
    • Error: Red flashing
  • Continuous lighting duration:
    • 4-step brightness control: 600 lm/600 min., 1000 lm/240 min., 1500 lm/180 min., 2000 lm/120 min.
    • Non-step brightness control: 400 lm/1000 min. to 2500 lm/90 min.
  • 400 lm/1000 min. to 2500 lm/90 min.: AC adapter + Dedicated plug
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 6200 mA/7.4 V (46 Wh)
  • Battery life*:
    • Approx. 500 times
    • * Battery life is considered to have expired when the rechargeable capacity drops below 50% of the battery capacity. This means that the battery can continue to be used even when the battery life has expired.
  • Withstanding depth: 100 meters, IPX8 (JIS protection class 8)
  • Dimensions: Max. 68 mm x 135 mm (without projections)
  • Weight: 565 g on land, 205 grams underwater
  • Operating temperature: 5°C to +45°C
  • Storage temperatures: 5°C to +45°C
  • Storage humidity: 20% to 60%
  • Materials & treatment: Anticorrosive aluminum alloy/hard alumite, PC, optical glass/chemically strengthened glass
  • IR receptor:
    • Brightness remote controllable.
    • Note: The optional remote controller is required.
  • Safety standards: CE, FCC, PSE
  • Light ring thread: M49, JIS compliant
  • Bottom plate/head: Tripod screw compatible, JIS compliant head

SKU: aoi-system02

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