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Top Dawg System 2 Underwater Video Housing for Sony Cameras 860-0112.jpg
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Top Dawg System 2 Underwater Video Housing for Sony Cameras
DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please see our used link for possible availability

One Housing fits over 180 cameras!

The Top Dawg line has been the most reliable and flexible video housing since 1994. The new design updated for 2008 features a larger 3.5 inch monitor back, optical glass front port, and a new hard black anodized finish. The solid aluminum construction, no-holes controls and ability to fit over 180 Sony cameras make the Top Dawg housing the worlds best entry level underwater video system.
MSRP $2,899.00
Sale Price $2,699.00
You Save: $200.00

This product has been discontinued.
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This product is no longer available for purchase. Please check our used link for possible availability.


Add a spare light battery
Top Dawg spare light battery    
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Add a wide angle lens for your camera
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DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please see our used link for possible availability

Why Top Dawg?
Since 1994, the Top Dawg design continues to offer the best features at the lowest price. One housing continues to fit 99% of all Sony camcorders ever made and thus the Top Dawg maintains its value more than any other housing in the industry. Its a perfect solution for new video shooters who want a housing to last through multiple camcorder upgrades. Unlike other housings, the Top Dawg offers the most rugged design, affordable price, and maintains the greatest resale value of any housing on the market.

Secure camera mounting and flexibility
The spring loaded and locking camera tray prevents accidental camera damage during installation or removal. 40 unique camera positions will fit all Sony video cameras and allow you to easily relocate the camera when adding wide angle and macro lenses or just an extended life battery.

Camera compatibility and control connections

Sony LANC, REMOTE, and 10-PIN compatible
The Top Dawg housing provides camera control via the LANC or REMOTE jack on Sony cameras made through 2007. Beginning in 2008, Sony replaced these jacks with the new 10-PIN or A/V jack. Now Top Dawg supports all of these Sony connector types. Simply plug in the appropriate control cable for essential control at your fingertips.

Camera Controls
  • Power: On / Off
  • Mode: Video / Photo
  • Record: Start / Stop / Photo
  • Zoom: Tele / Wide
  • Auto Focus: On / Off / Momentary Auto
  • Manual Focus: Near / Far

No-Holes Service Free Controls... at your fingertips
Essential camera functions are actuated with electro-magnetic controls and thus minimize use of o-rings and allow the controls to be positioned at your fingertips. Unlike mechanical housings that require 12-inch fingers for reach and over 20 o-rings to keep the water out, the Top Dawg housing is easy to control and essentially service free. This feature alone saves most shooters well over $250 per year in service bills and makes it easy to get the shot when the action is hot.

Reliable Electronics
The Top Dawg remains the most popular rental housing since 1994 for a good reason. Unlike many electronically controlled housings on the world market, the Top Dawg system features the most field proven and reliable controls available.

Double O-ring Seals
The Top Dawg is one of the few underwater housings that features double o-ring seals on all critical zones. The standard rear plate and widescreen monitor back both feature two o-rings and thus twice the protection. The seal design in NOT a face seal as with most housings. The Top Dawg features what's known as a bore or piston seal design, thus the o-ring pushes hazardous debris out of the way as enters the precision machined surface.

Aluminum vs. Plastic Body Construction
Top Dawg housings are crafted from precision machined aluminum for years of dependable service. The use of aluminum allows us to insure tighter specifications and utilize the more reliable design of double piston o-rings seals. Unlike clear plastic designs, the aluminum case is much less prone to lens fogging, allows for a lighter weight system, and better protects the camera while baking in the sun on the boat deck. Youll not find a more affordable and more universal aluminum design on the world market.

Crystal Clear Glass Optics
The font port of the Top Dawg is large enough to accommodate over 100 camera lens positions and is constructed of clear optical glass for scratch free images even in rough conditions.

Best Resale Value of any Housing
The Top Dawg housing is a favorite of educated shooters dues to it long life. Since the Top Dawg accommodates so many camera models, it the easiest to sell used once a shooter decides their ready for a custom housing or have moved on to another sport. Out of all housings available worldwide, you'll only ever see a 10+ year old Top Dawg shooting the latest camera on the market.

Does My Camera Fit? Which new camera is best?
Please see the official Top Dawg Website - Compatibility Chart to confirm your camera fit and review the latest hot picks of Sony High Definition cameras.

SKU: 860-0112

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