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Truk Lagoon, Micronesia - April 11-23, 2012

Articles » Trips and Classes » Truk Lagoon, Micronesia - April 11-23, 2012

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Truk Lagoon, Micronesia - April 11-23, 2012

In 1969, French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and his team explored Truk Lagoon. Following Cousteau's 1971 television documentary about the lagoon and its ghostly remains, Truk became a scuba diving paradise, drawing wreck diving enthusiasts from around the world to see its numerous, virtually intact sunken ships. The shipwrecks and remains are sometimes referred to as the "Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon".

A number of the shipwrecks lie in crystal clear waters less than fifteen meters below the surface. In waters devoid of normal ocean currents, divers can easily swim across decks littered with gas masks and depth charges and below deck can be found numerous human remains. In the massive ships' holds are row upon row of fighter aircraft, tanks, bulldozers, railroad cars, motorcycles, torpedoes, mines, bombs, boxes of munitions, radios, plus thousands of other weapons, spare parts, and other artifacts. Of special interest is the wreck of the submarine I-169 Shinohara which was lost when diving to avoid the bombing. The sub had been part of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The coral encrusted wrecks attract a diverse array of marine life, including manta-rays, turtles, sharks and corals. In 2007, 266 species of reef fish were recorded by an Earthwatch team.

This trip is open to all divers whether you are an open water diver or on a closed circuit rebreather. Expect well thought out daily schedules with the best support in the industry. Spaces are limited to 16 divers.

Truk Lagoon is a wreck diver's paradise

Russ SanoianPhoto Guide: Russ Sanoian
Russ Sanoian is the product manager at Backscatter and a freelance underwater and nature videographer based in Monterey, California. Russ has extensive use with all of the current manufacturers video and still housings and will be offering personalized pre-trip consultations and on-site assistance for this unique adventure.

Russ has been diving closed circuit rebreathers and underwater scooters for the last 10 years and entered the industry as a lead technical sales person with Light & Motion. Russ joined Backscatter as product manager where he constantly evaluates the latest camera technology and blends imaging techniques with the art of technical diving. Russ is well known in the diving industry as a great educator and mentor of new photographers and technical divers and will be available for imaging and technical support.

Russ’s film credits include PBS expeditions to the Andrea Doria, CBC “The Nature of Things”, DPTV “Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes”, BBC “Life” series and “Million Dollar Otters”, Local Television shows and several projects in the cenotes of Mexico and freshwater caves in Florida.

We will arrive at Blue Lagoon Dive resort on April 12th and will dive from the Land Based resort for 4 days to get all our gear sorted out and dialed in. Some of the deeper wrecks like the Japanese destroyer “Oite” and “Katsuragisan Maru” will be options for those divers that want to do some deeper dives . The Japanese “I-169” is a shallow wreck and very unique being the only Submarine in Truk.

We will then board the live aboard Odyssey on April 15th in the evening and will have our choice of wrecks to dive for an entire week.

All Backscatter trips are educational experiences, but this trip is best suited for intermediate to advanced divers. Stage bottles will be available for rent at Blue Lagoon and are included at no charge once on board the Odyssey.

Blue Lagoon Resort Details:

  • April 11-15 2012
  • $1236 per person
  • 4 Nights Superior Twin share accommodation
  • 4 Days of 2 tank boat dives

  • Odyssey Liveaboard Details:
  • April 15-23 2012
  • $3095 per person, $154.75 taxes, and $30 dive permit
  • Sofnalime 8-12 is available, 20 kgs (44lb) are $225 each.
  • 32 cf stage bottles are included at no charge, which can be used on your closed circuit rebreather but 2 or 3 liter cylinders are recommended. These are available to rent for CCRs so you do not have to travel with them. Russ will handle all rentals.
  • All prices are subject to change

  • You are welcome to book either the liveaboard or land based resort separately if your schedule does not allow time for both.

    The Odyssey is the ultimate boat to explore Truk's wrecks

    Don't miss this opportunity to blend incredible wreck diving and underwater image making
    For more details and pre-trip consultation, please fill out the form below to contact Russ.

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