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Seatool Rebel XTi - finally a tiny SLR

<a href='' class='standard'>Seatool Rebel XTi</a> Underwater Housing for Canon Rebel XTi - as small as a dollar
Finally a tiny SLR Housing... the Seatool Rebel XTi For many years we were diehard fans of the solid aluminum Tetra housings from Light & Motion, but craved for something similar with the features of a SLR. The new Seatool housing for the Canon Rebel XTi has our heads spinning with it's tiny size. It's the same size as the late model Tetra housings and still smaller than a Nikon RS. However, don't let the small size fool you. The Canon Rebel XTi comes packed with full SLR features such as no shutter delay, beautiful crisp images with very low noise, fast focus, great lenses, and incredibly accurate TTL exposures.
<a href='' class='standard'>Seatool Rebel XTi</a> Underwater Housing for Canon Rebel XTi - fit like a glove <a href='' class='standard'>Seatool Rebel XTi</a> Underwater Housing for Canon Rebel XTi - top and front view <a href='' class='standard'>Seatool Rebel XTi</a> Underwater Housing for Canon Rebel XTi - LCD screen detail
Fit like a glove and easy on the eyes The Seatool housing fits the Canon Rebel XTi like a glove. Normally this lack of air volume in a housing makes for a heavy diver, but the Canon XTi is light enough to pull off a surprisingly lightweight system. Button labels are provided so new users can get familiar with the controls and the large LCD monitor boldly displays camera settings making it easy for aging eyes.
<a href='' class='standard'>Seatool Rebel XTi</a> Underwater Housing Package for Canon Rebel XTi - complete digital TTL package
Incredibly accurate digital TTL exposures Our Seatool XTi Package offers incredibly accurate TTL exposures with the INON D-2000s strobe. The Seatool housing provides a fiber optic cable hook-up to connect the INON strobe which is then controlled by the Rebel's pop-up flash. We were stunned by it's accuracy and ease of use. This Seatool housing is also compatible with the more advanced INON D-2000 and INON Z-240 strobes.
For pricing please check these links Seatool Rebel XTi Seatool XTi Package INON D-2000s INON D-2000 INON Z-240
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