Light & Motion Fit + HD Underwater Video HousingLight & Motion Fit + HD Underwater Video Housing for Sony SR12, SR11, SR10, SR10D, SR8, SR7, HC9, HC7, HC5, CX7, CX6, XR500/520Light, &, Motion,, Fit, +,, HD,, underwater,Video,, Housing,, SR12,, SR11,, SR10,, SR10D,, SR8,, SR7,, HC9,, HC7,, HC5,, CX7,, CX6,, XR500/520

Light & Motion Fit + HD Underwater Video Housing

Light & Motion Fit + HD Video HousingDon't want to keep buying new housings as you purchase new cameras? The Fit HD will fit new Sony HD cameras!!!

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Price $899.00

This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options.

Price $899.00

This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options.

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Overview / Product Description

Light & Motion Fit HD Video Housing

The Fit + HD housing has the same great features of the Fit housing, plus a front optical lens and a color correction filter! The housing comes with the standard Wide Angle - Zoom thru-macro lens.

The housing has been carefully engineered with the primary goal of making it easy to learn and use for the new videographer. So simple to use, it makes capturing underwater video images a breeze. With the design benefits of non-penetrating electronic controls it eliminates the risk of housing leaks typical with mechanical through-hole designs. The included 2.7" high-resolution monitor back gives an easy view of what you're shooting. The modular camera trays allows the Fit HD housing to adapt to numerous Sony HD video cameras--while allowing accurate camera positioning to take advantage of Light & Motion's high quality housing.

Standard Features
  • Multi-Camera Tray - Unique modular tray accommodates 13 Sony HD Camcorders
  • 2.7" Monitor Back Included!
  • Glass Zoom-Through front
  • Ergonomic Non-Penetrating Electronic Camera Controls
  • Self-Locking Rotating Latches
  • Double O-ring Seals on both the monitor back and the lenses
  • Records Photos to Memory Stick
  • Ergonomic Grips, optional left grip
  • Easy-Load Self-Locking Camera Tray
  • Moisture/Leak alarm
  • Color Correction filter
  • Removable from lens
  • Integrated Design for Battery Pods/Weight Brackets
  • Quick Disconnect Mounts for Lights
  • Record Indicator Light

  • Housing Controls
    • Power On/Off
    • Record/Off
    • Video/Photo mode
    • Zoom--Telephoto and Wide-Angle
    • Auto/Manual Focus

    • Compatible with these Sony video cameras:
      • SR12
      • SR11
      • SR10
      • SR10D
      • SR8
      • SR7
      • HC9
      • HC7
      • HC5
      • CX7
      • CX6
      • XR500/520