Keldan Video 8X FLUX 13,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light 13,000 Lumen Output 82 CRI 90_ Angle of Coverage Interchangeable Battery 9 Output LevelsKeldan, Video, 8X, FLUX, 13,000, Lumen, Underwater, Video, Light, cri, 12000, flux, 8, x, 8m, m, 8k

Keldan Video 8X FLUX 13,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light

<ul> <li>13,000 Lumen Output</li> <li>82 CRI</li> <li>90_ Angle of Coverage</li> <li>Interchangeable Battery</li> <li>9 Output Levels</li> <li>Includes Ball Mount</li> <li>Ball Mount Included</li></ul>

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Overview / Product Description

Keldan Video 8X FLUX 13,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light

Last year Keldan broke the 10,000 lumen barrier in Video 8X Flux, and the new Video 8X FLUX advances that power threshold further a 20% increase in output with the same burn time. The quality of light also remains unchanged, with the same smooth, even, and wide beam angle Keldan users demand.

Tested Specifications

Where other light manufacturers might use an LED (or 2) that claims it can achieve this kind of output, KELDAN delivers it. Actual output is measured at operating temperatures in real world conditions.

This kind of obsession with accuracy is part of the reason that KELDAN lights are known as the best underwater video lights available. Performance specifications aren't calculated, or read from an LED vendor's catalog, they are tested in real world operation.

The Video 8X takes advantage of the fixed light head style (as compared to the modular Video 8M) to effectively cool the LED array, allowing for higher output and maximum efficiency in an extremely compact form factor.

Smooth, Even Coverage

To the keen eye of the underwater videographer, the shape and quality of the beam is paramount. The dome of the Video 8X and Video 4X lights allows for a 110_ usable beam angle with gradual falloff. There are no hard edges to contend with even with ultra wide lenses. These lights produces a beautiful beam that is ideal for underwater film-making.

Beam angle in water when measured using the FWHM standard of 50% intensity is 90 degrees, but that doesn't accurately represent the beam pattern of these lights. The usable beam angle is much wider thanks to a very even and gradual edge falloff.

Interchangeable Battery Packs

Battery packs can be easily changed in the field, supporting long shooting days and short surface intervals. An LED charge indicator provides battery info at a glance.

Video 8X CRI
Video 8X FLUX
Video 4X FLUX
Output (lumen)8,00013,0008,000
Color Rendering Index (Ra)968282
Color Temperature5,600 K5,000 K5,000 K
Burn Time (full)45 min.45 min.45 min.
Burn Time (min)170 min.170 min.170min.
Beam Angle (in water)110_110_110_
Depth Rating200m200m200m
Electrical Power105 W105 W55 W
Battery (type)8 Cell Li-Ion8 Cell Li-Ion4 Cell Li-Ion
Battery (Wh)979748
Length23.5 cm23.5 cm17 cm
Diameter7 cm7 cm7 cm
Weight (in air)0.90 kg0.90 kg0.65 kg
Buoyancy (in water)0.32 kg0.32 kg0.20 kg